November 22, 2015

A Beautiful Sunday Morning

We are stopping by an estate sale.  The home is up on the side of the Point, and the charming steps and tall glass windows give a glimpse into another world.  Few today can afford one of a kind, architect designed homes.  This is one and it is filled with the bits of their many years of travels.

I get to these wonderful homes and wonder if they had children…so much is left.  All the dishes, all the many pots and pans, the new ones in the kitchen and the worn ones in the garage.  So much art still hangs on the walls. 

We will stick our heads in today to see if anything we loved yesterday is still there at half price today.  Descoware…The enamel pops off the bottom, but I still love those pots.  The shattered silk framed piece.  Would I hang it somewhere?  That jewelry piece…would I wear it.  The office chair…would George hate the wobbles.

It’s a lovely, sunny day out there.  Maybe later, I can get him to give me a boat ride on the bay later..


  1. Things that meant so much to someone left for people to pick over, makes me sad in one way. Then again, things get new homes with, someone else to treasure them. Reaffirms the thought that what we take with us is the love we felt and shared, it is all that matters.

    Enjoy the boat!

  2. I came to comment about treasures and see that Marie expressed my exact sentiments. I also wanted to say that the photo of the boats is just marvelous.

  3. I have the same thoughts at those estate sales. When I look around my home at all my "treasures" I wonder what someone else might pay for them when my children have taken all they want and put the rest up for sale.


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