November 16, 2015


I must confess, I love rabbit things.  I used to buy  rabbit things too, but not any more.

  • I broke another front tooth off.  I can afford to take care of it still it was a very embarrassing thing to live with in public.  The speaker we had last night had done the same thing as I did….not brush his teeth enough in those horrible past years.  Tomorrow we are going to Costco and replacing our dental insurances…plural, with Delta.  We know this will be a far, far better arrangement.

  • G has a cold.  This may mean nothing to you, but to me it means all.  He’s a grumph when he has a cold.  I get militant.  He does better with Tylenol, DayQuil, Zinc, and any of the other things he takes.  By the time I got home from the gym this morning, he was sounding better.

  • The weather folks said we were going to have strong coastal winds last night.  They were so strong, that I was actually afraid one or two of the very old trees might topple our way.  We were right there in front facing that North West blow, and the oldest tree was leaning our way.  When I got home from the pool this morning, yes I actually went to the pool in the ice cold wind, I drove around the complex to see if we had lost any more of the older trees.  Not one, I was happy to report.

  • The truly sad note for the weekend was that we did not get any Comic Con tickets during the ticket sale this weekend.  G was depressed about it but tried to buoy everyone up.  “We have two more chances to get tickets,” he kept saying.  I’m in the pool as a volunteer.  If they pick me up, G will come along too.  Later there will also be a second open round of ticket purchasing.  He’ll try again then, he tells me.

  • Very assorted stuff:  I couldn’t find the rice so bought more.  It was right here, G told me pointing.  I used the last onion up without telling myself also.  The last two times I was in to see the doc for something, I told her I was forgetting more and more.  She sort of blew me off.  Now I am wondering if I forgot to remind her that I needed a mammogram this year too.  I can’t blow that off.


  1. Love the glimpse into your life. The postcard title works well.

  2. I'm happy if I can get two or three essential things done before noon. After that, it's a crap shoot as to whether I manage to accomplish anything at all.
    Hope the tooth thing is OK. I have an implant that is doing fine, and I'll be getting the crown for it soon.
    And that cold is serious. Needs watching, as it can develop into pneumonia, especially with the changeable weather you are having.

  3. We still have a chance at Comic Con.

  4. Sorry about the broken tooth. One of my crowns came off a few weeks ago but I was able to capture it and the dentist was able to glue it back in place. After insurance, my part is $55. Better than $1500 for a new crown. Those things are like the crown jewels.

    Forgetting? Oh yes. It happens here a lot. I had to return to the grocery store yesterday to get the things I didn't get in the morning stop. Still neglected to get one item that I was wanting.

  5. I had two serious lung infections a few years ago and they blew me off on that. I think I need the pneumonia shot, but unable to schedule. I have been ignored by my health care contact at the Fed.OPM site and have only until the middle of Dec. to change health plans. We spent 4 hours on the phone, unable to log in on the website, etc. I guess my last hope is my Congressperson. Hope Comic Con comes through because I know how important that is to you both. I make lists, lots and lots of lists.

  6. Good luck with the Comic Con. I hope you're able to get those tickets.
    Yikes! You broke off a tooth! Ouch! Actually, it just happened to my granddaughter too. Sheesh. Day before school started and she fell off her bike, face first onto the sidewalk. Permanent teeth. Had to get it capped and the other tooth sanded down for now. We have Delta too. I hope you're able to get it fixed quickly and painlessly.


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