November 24, 2015

Calls, Called, Calling

The Great Geezer is heading north to a thanksgiving lunch.  He’s bringing mother’s solution…KFC, but ordered online.  A great call.  I need to get on the horn to the dentist to tell him my temp keeps falling out.  I need to call the regular doc too.  G returned the many and repeated robo calls from his new gastroenterologist and confirmed tomorrows appointment.  I talked with my eldest…several times.  My youngest called me; I called her back.  Amazing.  Bobbie remembered to call me this morning.

Life is being lived on the telephone here….and it’s ok after all.

  • Himself:  Cured of his common cold.  He’s back to being his funny self again.
  • Herself:  NCIS night I reminded himself.
  • Reading:  Just finished Francis’s “To the Hilt.”  I literally could not put this one down.
  • Gratitudes:  Today, Dick Francis.


    1. This a.m. I managed to reset my password on the Kaiser web site so I could order my meds online. I also found my drivers' license, which had been missing for a couple of days, behind my office door. And I made a dental appointment to get the last phase of my implant done, sometime in January. Such productivity!

    2. Love your posts. Always give me a smile or chuckle for the day.. Good luck at the dentist.

    3. Happy thanksgiving to you and Geezer, Mage.

    4. It's either the phone talking or texting, and now picking up emails, the weather, etc. Amazing what we do with phones beyond our wildest imagination when we were young. Have a really special Thanksgiving Day.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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