November 21, 2015

Christchurch Video

I got this from Hatties Web.  It’s a truly moving few moments taken just one moment after the earthquake. 

  • Himself:  He’s reaching for normal.
  • Herself:  Looking for the toy Zoe wants at a reasonable price.  She will know if we don’t get the brand name doll.  Worried about Margot as she is driving to AZ just as a big storm starts through.
  • Reading:  Imagine, I am between books.
  • Gratitudes:  George, books, the chilly nights, and endless small things.


    1. Our cruise to Australia and New Zealand was an epic journey for us. More to come.

    2. We visited Christchurch in the late 90s and loved it. It was sad to see the damage and destruction and the dazed people. Such a terrifying experience.


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