November 3, 2015

Everyday Magicks

Still working on living room:  space plus comfort just like the visiting pitcher seating at Petco Park.

Still working on me too.  We took the Halloween candy to a business meeting and watched it vanish.  I liked that.  My body remains out of balance and I caught myself eating two cookies.  Ah, the guilt of it.  The doc says I have to go back to Weight Watchers.  My body hates most veggies with hives and many fruits with move hives.  It loves fats and sugars.  It positively grovels before chocolate, peanut butter, and cheeses.

Thanksgiving.  Out.  Last year we didn’t make a decision to eat out soon enough and all the restaurants were booked.  Last year we ate at Denney’s and it was truly awful.  This year though we started over a month in advance, only a few spots were left.  We got a good reservation at one with a bay view.  Hope the food will be as good.

Christmas:  After Thanksgiving here.  Yes, I am laughing at all the social implications.  Almost time for the big Holiday fuss at the store tho.  

  • Himself:  More tests.  Gastroenterologist.  Much better now tho.

  • Herself:  Puttering.  Missing B who is moving on into her new life.

  • Reading:  More Francis.

  • Gratitudes:  A beautiful day with blue bits and then showers.

    1. You forgot salt. Or maybe you get that satisfaction from cheese. :)

      Why, Why, Why can't those it all be absolutely good for us.

    2. oops... take out the word those

    3. I feel so much better when eating a vegan diet, but with butter and oils. Meats and I don't get along very well, and I can't do dairy at all.

    4. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are all most upon us!

    5. Fruit and Veg I'm ok with - eat them because 'they do you good' - chocolate and cheese (real aged cheese not rubbery processed stuff) I'm in love with and know it is frowned on but WHO CARES. Well the scales care and I too will have to get my WW books out as there are about 8kilos/17lbs that have come off my body. Who says so - yes the GP says so!!
      Oh I'm up to blogging day 3 - not saying it will last, however I will try.

    6. Good luck with the living room. I know how frustrating it can be.
      I have a fat and sugar problem too. I always have to have lots of biscuits in the house for the various workmen. And white sugar which is the devil's poison.
      Also I've discovered Magnums and need to have one frequently.

    7. Keep the junk out of the house and you will slowly not miss it. Spices. Start with a few on your veggies and/or fruit and it becomes interesting. Cinnamon on sliced apples, curry on sliced cooked carrots, nutmeg on half a baked sweet potato. You can do this.

    8. Stores in the area are already decorating for Christmas with lots of goodies out for folks to buy early.

    9. I'm afraid we're always the one who have to host the Thanksgiving dinner because it makes mom happy to have the family together. Which reminds me that I should be looking for a big turkey. Sigh... eating out for Thanksgiving sounds like a good idea.


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