November 10, 2015


When I was a kid, I was so shy I hid behind things.  Only in my twenties did I begin to blossom in the company of my first husband and a group of artists.  Add politics, and I grew a little more.  By the time I grew as mad as the Hatter, I only survived because my cushion was the wonderful group of friends who became my family.

Today I live with an introvert.  You’d never know it from his outward demeanor though.  He’s learned not to hide in corners when that’s what he wants to do.  He’s naturally funny too. 

Me?  I’ve slowed down noticeably.  I’d probably rather be hiding behind something again, but I’ve learned that life is better with friends.  I don’t do it effortlessly this time.  Many of my old and much loved friends have died, and I am awkward making new friends.  I’m out there trying though maybe even having an Open House next month.

Now that’s a hide behind something thought. 

  • Himself:  ”I’m peachy keen today!”  It’s NCIS day today he told me.  Yes, he’s being funny.
  • Herself:  Kicked the coffee tray this morning.  That was a good start to my morning.  My old and comfortable glasses came apart in my hands.  Metal fatigue and pool water for many year as contributors.  Delivered Excell sheets to the other job, and I’m done with it.  Non-service dogs in the locker room this morning.  Not ok stuff.
  • Reading:  Lady Bird and Lyndon.
  • Gratitudes:  Both daughters called.


    1. Yes, I am an introvert living with an extrovert...a major extrovert. He makes friends on the side of the road, forgives everyone everything, trusts everyone and is my dismay in this. We are going to a fund-raiser on Saturday where I know a handful of the wives a little and none well. I am dreading it, but need to support his causes.

    2. we will become social butterflies!

    3. I am an introvert. I am not in remission. :)

    4. Sometimes it just feels good to be all by yourself in your thoughts. I truly enjoy my friends but treasure the quiet moments as well. Cute picture this morning.

    5. I am glad we reconnected as friends. Nice to have someone around that knew me when. I have few friends in L.A. Most of them live in other cities or states. But I cherish them all.

    6. For years Al and I were sufficient unto ourselves - perhaps selfishly so.
      Now I find the same difficulties that you mention but also like you I'm making an effort and they are all coming back to me at our Christmas celebration. HELP!


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