November 13, 2015

Happy Friday the 13th

After a slow day that included a nap, I joined about twenty-five wonderful volunteers setting up the shop for our annual Holiday Boutique.  My co-worker Bill gave me a ride down.  While the male volunteers hauled a great many boxes down from the upstairs storage, I dragged out my four boxes of books to the bookcases.  Later the ladies stuffed small stuffed animals into  the books creating a small Holiday zoo.

It would honestly be a lot of fun if this “event” would be somewhere near Christmas.  I flat out love Christmas Trees and ornaments.  Mother used to leave ours up about five days.  I always wanted more.  When we were in the big house, I’d leave ours up over a month.  Now days, I’m not quite so long winded, but those who notice see I start decorating six to nine months ahead.  Red pillows mean a red decorated tree…for instance.  Silly me.

George joined us all after he got off work.  We both unloaded boxes until it was time to Potluck.  We even took part in the gift exchange with my becoming a comedienne when I got an air plant stuck in a sea shell.  G got a Tar-Jay gift card, and I got a Home Store gift card….vastly better than an air plant that even I could kill.

  • Himself:  No gym, just quiet computer game time till work.
  • Herself:  Stayed in bed till seven.  Such luxury.  Met G on a Friday the 13th
  • Reading:  Finished literally with LBJ; starting the new Michael Connolly Bosch.
  • Gratitudes:  Beautiful colors outside, and it’s Friday the 13th.


    1. Lucky Friday the 13th. The crass Christmas shows up way ahead of the real deal. Have a peaceful day.

    2. Happy Friday 13th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Bad Friday the 13th for me costing $600.00 Maybe when I am through steaming I might create a post about it. Oh well....

    4. Friday the 13th seems to be the theme in your comments. It's too soon for Christmassy stuff!

    5. So I have a question - do you still save the wrapping paper?


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