November 23, 2015

It's Gratitude Week

I’m a very grateful lady today.  The great Geezer has 31 years of sobriety and is celebrating at several parties.  The Sun is out.  My friend Camille is back from China.  I don’t have to cook this holiday.  I was able to pay for my new tooth.  I am alive and smiling.  Life is awfully good today.

I remember one Thanksgiving or maybe Christmas dinner.  I was sitting on the front steps of the Garrison house before it burned.  The holiday meal was instant mashed potatoes with Campbell’s Cream of Chicken Soup.  I ate slowly while feeling very sorry for myself.  Certainly not seeing my part in it all.

I’m not pulling down all my old journals to find out what happened to me after that day.  I know I moved from the Garrison house to the Victorian at Front and Fir.  From there to Ocean Beach.  What did we do for Thanksgiving during those years?  I don’t remember.  One year there were photographs when we all lived at the little cottage.  I too had to prop my oven door closed with a broom stick to cook the turkey.

I have an easier access to my memories these days.  2013 was a meal with Captain Poolie…there it is on hard drive and online.  For many years we ate with Nurse Carole and her marvelous family. 

Every year I have been very, very grateful to be alive.

  • Himself:  Life returns to normal.  Gym, work, laundry.  Birthday gathering.  He loves his overstuffed mid-century modern office chair.

  • Herself:  Write, grocery shop, read….watch Antiques Roadshow.  I got a really nice semi-abstract landscape at the same sale a bowl or two.

  • Reading:  JA Jance.  An old one that I haven’t read.

  • Gratitudes:  The whole focus of my week.

    1. Living life feeling gratitude is a great way to live. Happy thanksgiving! Enjoy!

    2. Congrats to the Geezer. Enjoy you TG week.

    3. Gratitude takes many shapes and forms.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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