November 2, 2015

NoJoMo 2:Ship Things

The EMPIRE STATE: a Navy Supply Ship

We love to picnic out on man-made Shelter Island, but sometimes our harbor can be the emptiest of places.  Much of the West Coast cargo goes to Long Beach, San Pedro, or down into Mexico.  Here we get mostly cars from Asia though others come in by truck or train.  There are few bulkers in our bay.  We do have a visible tourist trade that keeps the bay busy, and we have two maritime museums.

There are a lot of Navy ships of all sorts.  Once this year there were four carriers in port at the same time.  Right now, in our neighborhood, we have one carrier and a few other things like this supply ship.  Further down the bay, we have a variety of naval ships, and around the corner toward the mouth of the bay, there’s the Sub base.  I rarely see them.

I like a busy bay.  Few cruise ships come in now that the cartels in Mexico’s are so very dangerous.  One Disney ship this year so far.  A few others but no masses of them like there used to be.  I miss them.

The NYK Line Car Carrier: LORD VISHNU.

  • Himself:  Called to ask the doc “what next.”  Gym, work, a committee meeting tonight.  Costco dinner and Gas.
  • Herself:  Pool, hot tub, coffee with C, NoMoJo stuff, groceries, Gas car and truck, Committee meeting.  Finding or buying the post-its.  The new living room doesn’t quiet work.  Grrrr.  The weather is changing and I am wandering around on stuck feet.
  • Reading:  Francis…and still having fun.
  • Gratitudes:  Friends, busyness, sunshine, and rain tomorrow.


    1. Looks like an interesting place.

      No NoJoMo for me. I just do my own thing. Can't seem to follow the crowd. Odd that I've never heard of it before, though, since I have been blogging a long time. I have heard of that writing meme though.

    2. I'm beginning to fall in love with the oceans and ships. Lifts the spirit I find.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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