November 28, 2015


Antique mail image copyright: Massive, Massey University, Letters to the Editor Page Issue, February 2015

I never write the editor, but I have opinions:

Dear Council Person: You changed out the water pipes on Worden Street.  Those rows of ditches into each house let us know exactly where the repairs were.  Your contractor filled each ditch in leaving a mound.  Next, your contractor slurried over the street.  It looks finished, but it’s like riding a bucking bronco down that first block.  Buckety, buckety….Sincerely, the old lady at the top of the block.

Dear Street Department:  How wonderful that you fixed the drain at the Las Lomas and Voltaire St. bridge.  Every year for 25 years, the rain has created a two lane wide lake right there at the drain.  We thought it was that the road was too high.  Now, just as the El Nino hits us you have fixed the problem.  Can you now fix the holes in the bridge where the water washed away the cement.  The rusty rebar shows through a lot of holes?  Thank you, the old lady across the street.

Dear Mayor:  Football teams play 12 games a year.  Yes, we know how hard you are working to get us a new stadium built with our taxes.  Maybe there are a lot of us who think the team needs to pay for its own stadium.  If they keep making a fuss, I just wanted you to know it’s ok to let the team move to LA.  Yes, we are tired of all this.  Thanks for listening, The old lady up on the hill.

Dear Readers:  I sure do appreciate the 20 to 30 readers I have here each day.  Could you just once leave me a note?  How do I thank you if I don’t know you have been here.  Sometimes I feel bereft when there is only one note for 25 readers.  Just say’n.  Sincerely, The Postcards Lady


  1. Just love you, I really do, try not to be a sneaker reader but it's just one of my flaws. By the way, they are fixing streets and water lines here in Walla Walla too. This week they closed a block down and started digging in front of one of the biggest grocery stores bright and early the day before Thanksgiving. Fortunately I was done shopping just had a craving for my favorite chocolate bar. ;-)

  2. Lol. Love the opinions and the letters. Isn't it great to have the time, energy and mind to express how you feel!

  3. I'm here this morning Mage - just getting back into it. Sometimes I do the sneaky reader viewing, think I will comment and don't follow through. Will change my ways though.
    Love the complaints/ suggestions dept. - wonder if our council would respond?

  4. I'm so sorry I've been out of touch lately, Mage. Crazy life for the next month. Arrrghh...

    Could you email me so I can send you the recipe?

  5. I love your letters! You are a marvel!

  6. It's now Saturday evening and I am tired. The grandchildren are still here, running and playing after an afternoon marathon of cartoon watching. After church tomorrow their other grandmother is taking them out for treats. Mom and Dad won't be here to pick them up until about 8 pm. I will be really tired then.

    We have had a terrible debacle in our city over the holiday week. A large immigrant housing project (over 1000 southeast asian people) have been without gas to their apartments for over two weeks. No heating, no hot water, no way to cook their food. The city has refused to pay for code enforcement personnel and is now reaping the whirlwind. Such a tragedy for these people, many of whom do not speak English and cannot understand why this is happening. Talk about wanting to write a letter to someone, but I know it won't do any good.

  7. Bumpity...bumpity....bump... let the football team move. Ppppfffffffffttttttt

  8. Fun post. I sometimes leave a note and sometimes don't. It can depend on the time of day, how tired I am, how far behind I am in my list of blogs to read, and how many posts one writer has written.

  9. Dear Postcards lady : I am so with you on this.

  10. Dear Mage,
    Thank you for sharing your experiences. I am a faithful reader and look forward to your posts. This is my first "comment". Gladys from San Juan Capo.

  11. Just sayin hi from Florida, your blog :)


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