November 17, 2015

Repetitions 4

We went rummaging through Target in search of pant hangers.  Of course we left with more than the pant hangers, but that’s what we went for.  I was grateful to see though the Christmas and Hanukkah stuff was on the shelves there were also banners for Thanksgiving.

I was so charmed by the aisles of repetitious stuff that I went back later with my camera in hand.  I cannot imagine having a color hangered closet, but someone thinks that possible.  No more pink Barbie aisle tho.  Now the walls are yellow.It may be PC, but the yellow is boring.

In the Discovery shop we did have an acre of Christmas Trees.  One man came in and bought them all.  Just the thought makes my days more.  He said he planned on giving them all away to folks who needed them.  Now that’s a wonderful repetition.

  • Himself:  G still has a cold.  He’s going to work but not to the gym.
  • Herself:  Making amusing meals, serving too much avocado, and buying ice cream for the sickie.  Dentist at 1130.
  • Reading:  V.I. Warshawski.
  • Gratitudes:  Selfishly…that I don’t have G’s cold yet.

    1. Buying and giving away Christmas trees...a lovely idea. Except you have to make sure you are giving to Christians ...;-)

    2. Artists see the darnedest things. I love it!

    3. Love the hangers. Don't know if my husband would like that colour in his side of the closet. The tree give-away is a great idea. Nice to know there are such kind people in such a troubled world.

    4. Cool to give away Christmas trees. My hangers are in many colors :) Leaning heavily to lime green and purple. Silly but fun for me. It's a bright surprise when I open the closet in the morning.

    5. I haven't been in the homewares dept for quite a while - must look and see if we have coloured hangers (excluding white and black. Last ones I bought were some really thin 'felt' covered that are great for flimsy clothing that falls/ slides off anything else

    6. We should organize our closets by hanger color.

    7. Such a happy thing to do for those in need.

    8. Did you say ice cream? :-D

      What a wonderful fellow to buy all the Christmas trees to give away. That is truly the spirit of the holiday.

    9. Oh that giving away Christmas trees is great.


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