November 6, 2015

Summer Passing

At the Fair

Summer thinks it’s gone.  Yet here in the Southwest, we have Santa Ana’s….winds that blow from the desert to the ocean.  They pick up the heat from the desert floor and blow us away with their dryness and scorching us with the heat. 

In Junior High School one year, I wore wool on the first day of school.  The Santa Ana heat blew us all away that day steaming us in our encasements.  We all would rather have been high on the Ferris wheel dreaming of ice cream cones and stuffed bears from the Midway. 

Santa Ana’s bless us now with cool nights to balance out the heat of the days.  Last night George pulled out the fluffy blanket that usually armors our fall nights.  I woke a few times finding myself tightly cocooned against G.  Shivering even.  The thick green fluff wasn’t quite enough to ward away the cold.  It’s going to turn hot again next week, so adding flannel now would be a silly thing to do.  Still….

  • Himself:  He likes Fridays a lot.  He feels normal today.
  • Herself:  I love book day’s at the store.  Fridays are sorting days.  I have less passion for sorting not so good stuff than for books.  Then again, last week I got a whole donation of “Chico’s things.” I liked that.
  • Reading:  Still Francis.  Not tired of his imagination yet.
  • Gratitudes:  Tylenol.  LOL


    1. That's some weather Mage. I saw another big fire broke out in CA. Glad to hear George is better. Enjoy your book day. How do you keep from sitting down and reading them?

    2. And here winter keeps coming back to visit us - I did take the 'extra winter blanket ' off the top when it got warmer but depending on what our overnight is going to be we may toss another thinner one on top which gets put away next day. Wet makes it seem colder as well.
      Seasons seem to have a mind of their own - and here in Melbourne we can have all four in one day lol

    3. We have just experienced an usually warm week -- Indian summer as it were. Things are trending back to normal now.


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