November 30, 2015

"Tiz the Season"

The holiday season is upon us.  The stores are full Christmas.  The airwaves and television crams red and greens down our faces.  At least there’s a little blue too.  That’s nice.  Thank you all for sticking with me this 2015 NoJoMo.  I’ve had a lot of fun thinking of things to chat about this year.  I may take a few days off now.  Maybe doing decorating.

Shopping too….if I can find something George will want.    

It’s a season of prayer also.  I pray for all those in wars.  I pray for the lost and homeless, the alcoholic, the drug addict, the hurt and the sad.  I believe prayer helps.  It’s a gift.

  • Himself:  He’s feeling pretty good.  Gym before work.  Still many small meals….his way.  We met one of his last bosses working temp at the American Girl Doll store.  G feels really lucky to have had a career rather than a series of temp jobs.
  • Herself:  We have shopped for the family….all but G.  What do you get for the man who says he doesn’t need anything.  Heading for the pool in 40 degree air then menu planning and shopping.  Reading this afternoon.
  • Reading:  The new Crais.

  • Gratitudes:  For this first year of having a heater.

    1. Happy shopping. Good luck shopping for such a person. I have the same problem. I find that imagination is required and I usually come up with something, eventually.

      We have two grandchildren so I decorate a bit for them. I do not have the same interest in it however. I remember when my mother became that way too. Is aging involved with how I feel? I think so.

      Enjoy the decorating!

    2. I pray for all those, too and for the haters. Blessings Mage!

    3. Sigh... I haven't been able to do ANY holiday shopping yet. I haven't even made a list. I know I have to get cracking.


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