November 29, 2015

To Travel

We both have a passion for travel. 

He grew up in Pakistan, then Colorado, then back to Pakistan, with a dash of Spain.  I have to confess that I grew up in Chula Vista and remember only one childhood trip.  The part of Colorado he came from looks an awful lot like the Chula Vista I came from.

My hometown was a far nicer place then than it is now.  The streets were tree lined, two lane roads with dirt verges.  No sidewalks.  There was a farm where now sits Fredericka Manor…the local old folks home.  Right below us was a dairy, and everybody but us had horses.  We had chickens, a veggie garden, and lots of trees on five acres.  At night I could hear the coyotes calling.

The important part for my mother and grandfather was that a good golf course was just minutes away.

The important part for me was to get away.  It still is.

George is a homebody.  He loves going places, but coming home is often the best part of the trip for him.

We like to have a base camp.  In retirement, we would like to take our home with us when we go….perhaps in a small camper or trailer.  Perhaps we could keep this or another small place to be home on our returns.  Our friends Tehachap and Robert do this.  One home in Arizona and another in California above the rail lines is a perfect way to do living.

The truth is; who knows what the future will hold.  All we have in the end is love.

  • Himself:  A good last few days.  More tests ordered by the Gastroenterologist.  Lots of gaming on his computer, and fun stuff shopping online and in stores.  Enjoyed his 4 days off.
  • Herself:  Read, shopped, worked, ate, and am really aware how larger I have grown.  Eating less tho.
  • Reading:  The new Crais is next.
  • Gratitudes:  The list is endless.  That Margot had a good Thanksgiving, that laka called, that G is ok today, that I didn’t eat my temporary tooth, and that I am not homeless.


    1. Lovely post. And love is all we need. It's true.. the Beatles said so!

    2. Love the picture and the thoughts for today. Those of us lucky enough to live to retirement have so much to be thankful for. The gift of time is a big one, not to be squandered. Enjoyment of the simplest things is important as you say. And in the end...

    3. This is such a lovely post, Mage. It's good to always have love as the base camp. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.

    4. Was your husband's parents involved in construction in Pakistan? I have a friend who was also raised in Pakistan due to her father's construction job that took them all over building roads, dams, electrical plants, etc. She meets up with a group of her former classmates every year in Reno.

    5. Many of our friends have two homes, but I'm content to have just one and travel to a variety of places. i'm curious about the name of your friend in the last paragraph. Very unusual.

    6. Travel is good. So is coming home.


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