December 29, 2015

Detritus and Laughter

I make these grandiose plans such as putting away the laundry or washing the dishes, and instead I read.  Attempting to achieve some order in the 2015 archive, I fall asleep at my computer.  I put the next years paper appointment book in order while awake….updated all the addresses too. 

At least I laugh at myself a lot.  Laughter is life saving and life affirming. 

As the piles of detritus around me grows, I keep on laughing.  I swear, though I put only one thing on a table or counter top, twenty messy things wait for me to turn around and see them.

The same is true of my computer innards.  Every year I vow to begin the year in an orderly environment…here or there.   Usually I succeed for a few moments.  Unless I fall asleep at my computer rocking back and forth while driving G mad with the squeaking’s, the contents of my hard drive get moved into new homes and I settle into  spaces labeled 2016. 

I carry my baskets of jpgs, hither and yon.  This year, I carry my docs basketed carefully in hope that someone would like to make a small chapbook from my Nazi articles.  I need to reprint my poetry chapbook as I am down to only one copy.  I do like an art form that is portable in multitudes. 

As long as I stay awake, the detritus will shrink and the multiples will vanish leaving me laughing.

  • Himself:  Granddaughter Zoe gave grampa a fart gun.  Enough said.  LOL
  • Herself:  Enthusiastically still reading Crais.  I don’t have them all and feel the loss.  Pleased that Snapfish (HP)  has given us an address link.
  • Reading:  Crais.
  • Gratitudes:  That I am here to laugh at G.


    1. A laugh is always a good thing heading into a new year!

    2. I can see living with you is a bundle of laughs. I just hope you laugh when Georga farts!

    3. Got a fitbit from my sadistic husband and now feeling guilty that I do not exercise more. Life is tough is it not? I do not read books, but read my PC blogs, etc, instead of getting organized. Although the crash of the computer has forced me to start anew with 2016 .jpgs.

    4. A friend sent me a paperback of "The Monkey's Raincoat" because I'd never read Crais. Intend to start it tomorrow. Keep laughing.

    5. Ah, detritus of life. I am there, too. I had not thought to substitute laughter for my habitual teeth-grinding at my computer frustrations and lack of effectiveness at dealing with detritus. Thanks for a new example to follow. Not a New Year's resolution. No. It starts now. Blessings to you and yours.

    6. There are computer chores at this time of year, but I have yet to fall asleep at my computer. Mind you, I am not in a recliner with a laptop but sitting at my desk. Even then ...

      Anyway, enjoy your naps. They are important.

    7. I long ago gave up trying to keep my computer records organized. Keeping it simple works for me, mostly. I do need to go through my blog one of these times and archive some things.

    8. Uh oh. Now, when you fall asleep at your computer, you're going to get shot at from a fart gun.


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