December 3, 2015


It’s that tooth next to the right canine.  Oh joy, if all goes well, I will get a new crown on that tooth this morning.

Shall I draw an arrow?

Oh, Hurrah, oh kaloo-kallay, I don’t have to worry about it coming out any more while I am eating.  Simply a splendid idea that. 

Don’t drink in the first place.  If you do, make sure you brush your teeth.  Those are all my teeth not crowns in that photograph.  All those teeth you see there were never properly brushed when I was a kid.  You bet I brush them these days.  If I run into a newcomer in the program of AA, I tell them to get a sponsor and brush their teeth.  If they don’t do that, they will have some very expensive crowns just like I do.  If they pay attention, I tell them to floss too.

Other good stuff.  Youngest daughter went through eye surgery well.  I am flat out jazzed.  She reported on Facebook that she could almost see the BIG letter E.  Eldest daughter reported a very good visit with stepmother.  A very first.  Really good stuff.


  •>Himself:  He survived driving an hour plus to work at the office  this week.  He finally got the batteries in the smoke alarms that needed them.  Now we won’t die in our sleep.

  • Herself:  I remain horrified about the shootings in San Bernadino.  Saturday the whole Automotive Museum will be open.  Not just half as usual this coming Saturday “December Nights” in Balboa Park.  I’ll take my walker and you can find me chasing small kids off cars till 9pm.  I can sit.

  • Reading:  Francis…and I am almost through all that I own.

  • Gratitudes:  The pool this morning.  More books than shelf space at work, and a really good leftover dinner.  Marta today.


    1. Good luck with the crown. Dental pain is hideous and trying to avert it is expensive and stressful. Hope your day is great otherwise.

    2. One of my crowns came off a few weeks back. Fortunately, even though ancient, the crown was able to be recemented. That saved my $1500. Those crowns are like jewels.

    3. Love that photo. All my front teeth (and many others) are crowns now and I brush and floss faithfully. Got a couple of gold ones in back. My teeth must be worth more than the rest of me all together, so to speak. Peace.

    4. Hope the dental work went well for you. That's a great photo. So sorry to hear about the newest shooting. Will it never end?

    5. Tweekers loose their teeth faster than drunks.

    6. I'll be getting a crown for an implant soon. The dentist was surprised that some of my teeth were still good, even though a lot of them aren't.
      So why doesn't California confiscate all those assault rifles that people have, even though they are illegal to buy?

    7. Hubby has never had a drink in his life, is a nut about dental hygiene, and yet has had two or three crowns. While I have lots of fillings and drink my wine, I have never had to have a crown. Genetics and luck of the draw also has a lot to do with this.

    8. A beautiful photo. To your brush and floss advice I would add, buy dental insurance or set aside $$ for lifetime care.


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