January 18, 2016

Just the Bear Facts, Mam

Comic Con 2015.

I’ve had a several week unresolved struggle with my photohost intermixed with my bronchitis.  Snapfish, which I like for its ease of use and minimal payment ideas, is modernizing its pages.   What I want from a photohost is the ability to use their site to hold my photos online.  From there I use their address to post my pictures here and on my mirror blog.  Sounds easy.

So far, Snapfish doesn’t have single photo sharing from its NEW pages. 

Photobucket is the page that G uses.  It won’t let me into the account tho the account is in my name.  I was a bit frustrated about that.

Flickr, which gives you the best quality photos doesn’t make sharing easy.  I struggled with it yesterday.  Let me just say, what a mess.  No photo uploaded even tho it said  it gave me an uploadable address.  At some point I found a forum statement that said everything had to be public.  I did that, but some setting isn’t quite right.  Can I find it again………noooooooooooo.  Can I post a picture……noooooooooooo.

Yes, I spent most of the morning on a Snapfish live chat, and because it is a holiday could not get an answer.  I did get a number I can reference tomorrow tho.  After weeks, my bare bear question is now out there making the rounds, and someday I will get an answer.

  • Himself:  His tummy is fine tho he doesn’t have a hold on “several small meals” yet.
  • Herself:  I made an ass out of myself caretaking my daughter yesterday.  Humbly apologized.  Channeling my mother indeed.  Caretaking isn’t caring.  Have to get permission for second mammogram and ultrasound.
  • Reading:  Crais again.
  • Gratitudes:  That I apologized.


    1. Oh my, what a nightmare with your photos. Photo program frustration is one of the factors that led to me stopping my blog. After a break I'm back to blogging at lrth42.blogspot.com 'Two Fixer-Uppers.' Hope you'll stop by and visit me. The first problem I encountered with this new blog was, you guessed it, photos. I don't understand why it has to be so complicated. Hope you get an answer quickly.

    2. It sounds like a frustrating time on several levels. Good luck with the photo site issue.

    3. I have my photos on my computer and backed up on my husband's computer. I select ones for my blog (and occasionally for Facebook) Type Pad is great for this. It's easy to move photos from computer to blog. You can make them any size you want. I usually post them without altering the size, and people can enlarge them. I am not interested in holding onto them as intellectual property. If I were, I guess I would have a different attitude.

    4. I've also lost patience with snapfish. They have lost many of my older photos. I have tried more than once to put my stuff on CD, even that is not at all easy. Maybe there are other sites out there. I'll put it on the list to look for one. Bonnie

    5. I use Flickr and have no problem posting to Facebook at least. I used to do it with my blog too at one point, but now I just upload smaller res photos right to Blogger.

    6. I store all of my photos on my external hard drive. Probably shouldn't trust it, but I do. Using WordPress, I don't have to resize photos or do anything special with them other than uploading them.

    7. Fighting an illness and having computer/photo problems is a nightmare. I had a lot of afternoons reloading software that did not work and that I had to tweak, etc. after my PC crashed because of W-10. I was told by those that restored the major part of the drive to NEVER load W-10 to this PC. I store my photos on several external hard drives and then pick about 10% that I really treasure to store in the cloud. I store some on Phanfare with my daughter and she pays, I store my irreplaceable ones on Photobucket which is supposed to keep them in highest resolution, but they said my free amount has now expired, so I will pay for that one soon. You can pat yourself on the back for being honest about your mistake!

    8. I've been fighting and fighting and fighting my horrible post nasal drip throat clearing and coughing since November 3rd. It's very tiresome, but my nurse practitioner tells me my lungs are clear and she can't seen anything in my throat. Sigh...
      Took Claritin for a month and now on Allegra. Arrrrghhhh.... Not helping.


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