January 2, 2016

Too Many Quilts

Ok, so the quilt rack is in the way.  I move it downstairs and stick it behind my chair.  It fits, but it makes the room look over crowded.  I move it again.  Now it is out of the way in front of the clock.  It’s still in the way.  It still overcrowds the room.

I love my quilts.  I really do.  And I would love to display them…these are only a few.  But I haven’t found a place to put them on this rack.  I’ve already gotten rid of as many as my sense of humor will allow.  Unfortunately, last week we got two more.  “I” found.  Not “we.”

One is a star lap quilt with the center of the star trapunto’d.  Trapunto means stuffed.  The other is well over a hundred years old done in red and white cotton.  The star quilt has blood and other things on it, but it has labels from a quilt guilt and makers I know.  G hasn’t been able to get the blood out.  The red and white quilt is totally tired and shredded to boot.

Once long ago when I was homeless, I slept in a friends bathtub.  I was the cleanest, drunk, homeless person you ever knew.  Today I appreciate the simplicity of that experience.  There are these delicious moments in life when all you can do is laugh at yourself.  Imagine the luxury of having too many beautiful handmade quilts.  


  1. The luxury of too many quilts indeed. Such fortune to wrap yourself in all that stitching, design and colour. Love them and this post.

  2. YOu have to stop or buy a piece of furniture that keeps them tucked away. I know, this is not a good idea. "They" say if you have an addictive personality you will replace one addiction with another. You need to get into hand made hotpads. ;-)

  3. What a luxury to have! You are indeed fortunate.

  4. I have rather too many quilts too. I find them hard to resist, no matter how shabby. Red and white were very popular in Ireland. This one https://www.flickr.com/photos/17223773@N00/68751070/in/photolist-GnX2S-4MrZDW-4MnLit-3YxXkb-cef7u-75nih

    belonged to Bert's mother but I gave it to my sister, the bed I gave to my youngest daughter.

  5. I guess this is a nice problem to have. Our little place is stuffed enough with other things. I can't imagine if we were quilt collectors although we do have a couple.

  6. Oh you are a hoot. Love you dear recovering person who brings a new meaning to the word. Dianne

  7. Husband and I are building a downsized home a little more friendly to a stroke survivor. Lots of windows, few walls for display and no "junk room," and limited storage. Quilts created with love by relatives, some living and some passed on, will require some creativity, but they will move with us..

  8. Maybe you are thinking about staying warm, and that's why you collect quilts. May you have a cozy and warm 2016!

  9. Good luck with your "collection." Pretty good obsession in my mind. Any walls you can hang them on? I still have two unfinished quilts, tops only, made by my Great-Grandmother. I was going to finish them, a long time ago. Now I'm not sure I should touch them at all.


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