February 22, 2016

Family Pictures: Margot

1963: Margaret? Margot on the front lawn of #20.

Margot has lived a fractured and frightening life coming out the other side triumphant.   She lives now in Escondido, has a double AA degree from our local fire school, and holds two jobs while looking for a position in Fire Safety.  Did I mention she is raising her youngest, and doing a really good job of it with the help of a village.

1967?: Milaka and her sister Margot in the snow.

1975: Seattle: L to R: Milaka to the rear, Stepmother Tracy, and Margot.

1985: Milaka and Margot at Milaka’s college graduation.

”Don’t let this happen to you,” she writes.

2006: Zoe, Margot, Alex, and Megan aboard the USS Midway.

2010: Margot with a driver’s license, insurance and her own SUV.


  1. Great pictures of Margo showing her life. I'm glad things are working out for her.

  2. The other side. Such a bright and scary place, but also such a rewarding place. I am afraid that stepmother photo was a little too intimidating. High five to her!!

  3. sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly.....work, work, work

  4. Onward and upward. David will celebrate 36 years this Saturday. He had forgotten, but Connie reminded him yesterday. Good for Margot.


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