February 18, 2016

Family Pictures: Milaka

Laka at the lily pond in Balboa Park.

Since you all responded to my family images far, far better than to my odd humor, I have a few more family pictures to offer you.

Milaka and Tommy ready for Laka’s senior Prom.  Mother’s dress from college in the late 1920’s.  At the Lotus Street cottage.

Mother and Milaka in the big house.

Milaka and her daughter Sahara.


  • Himself:  He’s started to drop the pounds, and he survived to drive up the coast to work yesterday.
  • Herself:  The pounds don't cling....the scale reads wrong.  I've lost nine pounds in ten days.
  • Reading:  Longmire.
  • Gratitudes:  Doc appointment today to discuss my diet and exercise.  Get my teeth back at 2:30 pm.  Oh hurrah.


    1. Love the pictures! Yeah for the teeth!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I have decided that I must be eating in my sleep as I am pushing the exercise and while getting more solid, not losing in any of the areas I want to lose! I love the genes in your family. I can see something important in your heritage.

    4. I am so glad you are loving the pictures!

    5. In answer to your question I see an energy, an electricity...yes maybe that led to weakness, but had it not, I see an intelligence and hidden talent. I know this sounds odd, but I am just telling you what I see.

    6. That prom picture is just the best.

    7. I love that prom picture also. You lost 9 pounds? Congratulations! I have 6 pounds I need to shed, but can't seem to.

    8. Good job with the weight loss, a goal many of us would like to achieve. That prom pictures is awesome, as is the bottom one.

    9. Exercise kills....just kidding. Pool work is good, but what we eat is more important. Congratulations on the lost pounds.

      Annoyed a teacher once when she was discussing the lost wax process. Where did it go, says I the math student. Perhaps those lost pounds go to the same place?


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