March 21, 2016

Birthday 11

Leaving behind all the suitcases and detritus for our upcoming staycation, we head north for a few hours.  It’s Zoe’s birthday, and her mom promised her a party at ChuckECheese.  We got there at nine to find they are not open.  A multi-layered, multi-timed, movable birthday party begins.

We gather next at a McDonald’s garish and cold Play Room.  Really cold.  Ugly green and grey, with pink and black accent colors echo much as a child’s nursery in the old USSR would.  Great tubes of colored plastic filled the overhead space.  Margot shuttled in guests, a cake, presents, and ice cream.  Friends and kids had a grand time.

Suddenly, I spilled my entire cup of coffee all over George.  We stayed long enough to see the clothes, toys, music, and doll things unwrapped before leaving.  A frantic mopping began as the presents appeared.  A custodian helped for which I am forever grateful.

As we drove home to put George into the shower and the clothes into the wash, Margot moved the party to ChuckECheese.  A promise is a promise…no matter what.

Photo: M Hawkins.


  • Himself:  Gym then the first of three days of work left.  He’s ready to go NOW.  Lost another pound.
  • Herself:  Groceries for our time here plus breakfasts there.  Lost another pound too.
  • Reading:  Stories from Sector General.  Ordered three more Longmire books.
  • Gratitudes:  That I am able to get into a smaller swim suit comfortable.


    1. Happy birthday to your sweetie. Love those childhood birthdays wherever they are held.

      Have a great week.

    2. Funny. We just went to a birthday celebration at one of those places. It was pretty tacky, but we all had loads of fun.
      BTW: Are you on Facebook? I put family photos on there but not on my blog.

    3. Found you and put up a friend request!

    4. It is actually Chuck E. Cheese. Sort of like Chuck E. Weiss

    5. Chuck E Cheese's are a kid's dream and a parent's nightmare--way too many screaming kids for this grandma, but the grandkids LOVE the place. LOL Lots and lots of games. Loads of fun. The countdown to a road trip has begun!

    6. This is one of the birthdays that will be remembered.

    7. Blessed we didn't have to dine with a 7 foot rat.

    8. I'm glad you could have a flexible birthday party. I can't even remember when we attended the last children's birthday party. I wish we could attend my granddaughter's though.

    9. This is the week for husbands to leave parties for grandchildren, rush home and take showers. At least George had a good cover story.


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