March 31, 2016


This morning, the air was a clear, sharp, cloudless blue.  The water in the pool sparkled almost with glee.  Not a lot of us were bouncing around to our instructor’s enthusiasm, but those who came were dedicated.

I try to get to the pool, plus or minus the usual conversations, close to seven AM.  I can do this if I get through the Discovery Shop update, Dear Abby, plus Kay and Carol’s blogs before winning a game of solitaire.  George does a lot more before he is off to the gym.  Then again he is a half hour ahead of me.

I made time after breakfast to update my blog picture this morning.  I thought I’d put up a less cheek pudgy shot with a more hair raising example.  It makes me look contemporary and makes me laugh…so it’s a winner.

I also have to confess that I fell asleep over “Ruffles and Flourishes” after lunch.  Almost two hours of nap…too much, but I must have needed it.  Once I really woke, I did manage to get some of one project completed.  The work tables were waist high in trivia instead of sewing.  I did manage to clear one while lecturing myself about keeping it clear.  Despite the nap, it’s been a really good day.



  1. I love your new photo... much better!

  2. I like your cheerful face. I really have to get out and do some water exercise, but I have been so lazy of late.

  3. Such a great picture. A two hour nap sounds great!

  4. do not feel a read Tabor's blog...before heading out? LOL Photo is much more flattering except I wish the light reflection had not hidden your eyes. I am a "little" jealous of your pool dedication. Ours is a 25 minute drive and too far for me.

  5. many napping, many napping.................

  6. Lovely you.. and lovely rose. Day-brighteners both.

    Yes, the trains still use the bridge. They run very, very s-l-o-w-l-y though. And probably only once a day.. or two.

  7. Monday. its back to the pool. Hard to do on beautiful days when I want to walk outside and/or work in my garden. Balance here too. I like your mod photo.

  8. Wow! That is an awesome rose photo! Absolutely stunning! Just like your new hair-do. I love it! It's so perky and fashionable. Hmmm... I wonder if I could cut mine like that.


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