April 3, 2016

Quilts of Our Lives

Found Quilt: Three Patch.

The Crow Quilt is moving forward in my mind.  At last.  At first it was a full sized quilt covered in crows.  A very artistic quilt.  Then it was a hanging moving from dark to light at the top still with lots of crows.  At the moment, it’s moved back to a full sized quilt covered with trapunto’ed crows. 

Why?  She was going to have the hanging sewn onto the top of a duvet cover.  Not ok.

I love color in any form.  The crow quilt will be greens, earth tones, and blacks.  Crow colors.  The found quilt I am sharing with you today has faded to pinks and pastels, mitigated with a few reds.  It’s a totally worn out quilt that today is folded over the back of my chair in the living room. 

But with quilts, you never know what’s happening with them.  This quilt has another whole, depression era quilt inside it.  I was just jazzed to discover it.  The crow quilt will be, perhaps, a star quilt filled with a murder of crows.  You will have to be at just the right angle to see them flying across the corn fields.  She can put it away if she doesn’t like it, but she won’t be able to sew it to a duvet top.  By irritating me, she stirred me into mentioning cost and into getting it done.

George is taking me out to Rosies Quilt shop today.  The web page says they open at eleven.



  • Himself:  CBS Sunday Morning, Rosies, with a little gaming and three meals before the Sunday meeting.  We picked up season one of Longmire, and he is enjoying it.  Eyes: Some scarring from the Shingles, but they are doing well.
  • Herself:  Ditto but reading instead of gaming.
  • Reading:  Longmire.
  • Gratitudes:  That I can still read.


    1. Love the old quilt. Imagine the things it's seen, the places it's been.

    2. There's truly something nostalgic about quilts. I remember seeing futon covers made with patches of our old clothes.

    3. Our church just dedicated a whole slew of quilts this morning. The quilts are a ministry of the church and are given to those who are ill, who have had new babies, who just need a bit of comforting, or whatever else may come up. They are quite beautifully and lovingly handcrafted by a group of parishioners who have that gift.

    4. I have a friend that makes the most beautiful quilts. I have never been drawn to them, although I do love seeing those hanging in museums with their history of style and fashion. This crow quilt sounds like a passion and a challenge.

    5. I hope you DO KNOW I am not that competitive about you reading me first...really. Love that you think I am.

    6. So precious! The quilts, you, and George!

    7. I didn't realize G had shingles in his eyes/on his face. How horrible. How are his eyes now? I've had Shingles twice in my lifetime and that's two times too many. Bless his heart (and his eyesight). Healing prayers being sent for him...

    8. Forgot to mention my sadness at seeing the marks of age and heavy loving that show on that quilt. Imagine, the work that went into BOTH quilts. Waste not, want not. That's the mantra of the Depression years, and this quilt is proof positive of it. Hugs to you for sharing it. I hadn't seen a 3 piece block before. It leads my mind to all sorts of creativity!

    9. Reading is wonderful. Gather your rosebuds while you may. Or Crows.

    10. A Canadian blogger who had had a beastly time with shingles warned me to get a shingles vaccination. Such was the lack of know-how over here (trained nurses telling me there was no such thing)it took a year and of course I had to pay for it.
      I hope the worst is over and that G is back to normal soon.


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