May 3, 2016

Balance is a Nice Thing

What am I doing…a brief but delightful talk with Bobbie.  We are all in our seventies now…and what do we want to accomplish with the time we have left.  I want to keep writing.  She wants to keep painting the way she is.  Jeff wants to keep on as a producer.  We didn’t ask G.

Today, I’d go shelve more books for the book sale I just started….there’s many more volumes on philosophy, politics, and writing, but there’s someone shelving for me today.  This large book donation was owned by a wonderfully intellectual person.  Well read.  I envy him the scope and depth of his world.  I’m grateful he donated these wonderful books and journals to the shop. 

We received all of the Pushcart Prize volumes from the prizes inception.  An amazing number.  These sorts of literary journals are a new thing in the world of writing.  Although there are one or two older small presses like this, most were begun in the late sixties to the 1970’s.  Were these writers looking for a place to publish in a limited market?  A writer generated art form.  The literary journal was begun as a university funded form in the beginning, and now it has expanded exponentially. 

I have a poem under way.  Two actually.  The living room is going from red to blue again.  Cool colors for the hot summer days.  I need to buy four forgotten things at the grocery store to balance out my day.  Balance is a nice thing at the end of the day.

  • Himself:  Doing his own job today.  He prefers that.  NCIS tonight.
  • Herself:  Add a little reading to the above list.
  • Reading:  Gilman’s book three.

  • Gratitudes:  For feeling sharper and on track.

    1. Wonderful photo. The green and blue are especially appealing.

    2. Balance is everything!

      Good luck with the poems.

    3. Took your advice (think it was you that recommended these) and checked out Helene Hanff's works (84 Charing Cross Rd., etc.). Picked them up from the library yesterday and am already through 1 1/2 of the three books. I put Robert to sleep reading 84 Charing to him. LOL Fascinating reading. Many thanks for telling me about her. I'll be getting my eyes examined this morning. I think I'm anxious about it -- went to sleep fairly early last night -- just after NCIS, and now I'm awake. Horrible...

    4. Being balanced is always, always good. I love how you're able to change your color scheme so wonderfully. It sounds like it keeps your life interesting and changing which is terrific.

    5. Update...KIds asked me to change my ticket dates because 9/30 is the end of the fiscal year for FEDs and Richardworks late most nights that wek and cant take leave. Yes, one of us should have thought of this sooner, but thank goodness I had tickets "on hold" and not purchased. Spoke with him yesterday and got new dates. Booked my tickets (and paid for them) for Oct 12-18. Can gettogether any day, but prefer same plans moved up to Saturday Oct 15 if you are available. (They have soccor every weekend.)

    6. I like the way you change your rooms for the seasons. I wish I could do that here, but my furniture is a sectional and it would probably cost a lot to get slipcovers made...and out here in the country it is hard enough finding anyone to get stuff done!

    7. Your home is so inviting. I'd have a hard time leaving that welcoming space. I want to road trip more before distant driving becomes a problem. Love to get out in the country and take my camera, friends, and lunch with me. Not a world changing plan but one that makes me happy.

    8. Really pretty and peaceful.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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