May 10, 2016

Poetic Stress

A bit of Sunset Cliffs.

I really want my pieces to have a punch line at the end.  A “sock-it-to-‘em” line that leaves you with your mouth ajar.  I’m not quite getting that element of surprise lately.  The meanness, yes, a twist or two, but not surprise.  To make it worse, I am writing about family members….dead, but loved by some.  So I don’t feel comfortable waving my opinions in family members faces.

Say, “Hey, here’s my take on a really nasty man.”  Nope.

  • Himself:  Yes, this word is a link to his blog.  He’s really enjoying netflix.  Putting up with me.  Gym, work, put up with me.  What more could I want.
  • Herself:  If I could forget it today, I have forgotton it.  I saved my watch, and only after a real struggle found one of two flyers and got it posted online.
  • Gratitudes:  That I lost another couple of pounds.


    1. I decided long ago not to put anything negative about friends and family in my blog. I don't think public forum is the place for those issues. If I want my family to know something, I can write it for their eyes only. That's how I handle things.

      Each person has to do what she thinks is right for her. You also have to be mindful of defamation law suites however. It's a lot to consider, that's another reason to keep from sharing some things publically.

    2. Yep... family can drive you crazy (if you let them!)

    3. I always heard you should never write with your mother in mind. But in this case, nice to consider the relatives feelings.

    4. Thanks for being my inspiration. The gnarly lumps of rock mixed calm sea in the photo say a lot.

    5. Yes,you have to be careful.

    6. Yes,you have to be careful.

    7. I try to be respectful of people I write about also on my blog.


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