May 1, 2016

Spring Renewal

We are home, and our home is dirty.  Ah reality be dirt.

There’s a carpet cleaning special for 99 dollars.  We need one stairway and one landing cleaned, and that’s in our budget.  Since we don’t wear shoes in the house, I don’t know why our stairs look so bad.  But they do.  The back stairs are worse, but there are two rooms needing painting, so that’s more important.

Paint.  Neither of us noticed that the paint was too old.  When it never dried, George told me what had happened.  Now we have to have the many-year-old, still sticky-paint removed before we can repaint both the kitchen white and the upstairs bathroom white. 

He is also looking forward to a bluely accented living room again.  I tried gently reminding him that a year ago I had asked him to replace the glass in the big piece above.  My daughter did it, and I flat out love it.  The glass is broken.  Maybe we can get this replaced today.

Spring is like that.  Just for a moment, things and life and get repaired and move on.  Renewed.  I like that.  What in your life is getting freshened for Spring.

  • Himself:  Games, home Depot, games.  LOL  Yesterday he did all the work.
  • Herself:  Himself put everything away.  I went to the Shop and unpacked half a library of books yesterday.  Philosophy, history, and some art.
  • Reading:  Gilman.
  • Gratitudes:  For being here.  That my pants are loooosssseee!  That we are home.


    1. Glad you're home and settling back in again. Have a great week.

    2. I will get my bedroom painted Hubby and I did it years ago and it took three looong days, so I am hiring someone this time. I also need to get the laundry room painted with an enamel. Then the garage re-do is going to cost big we have to budget over the coming onths since we already obligated for a Holland cruise!

    3. Home is very good. One day at a time... Have I ever told you that G was a keeper?? LOL He surely is. And kudos to your daughter for being able to replace glass!!

    4. I do like those blue and yellow pictures in combination. Worth fixing, I'd say. I don't mind the painting so much but getting a room ready to paint is a problem. You have to shift so much stuff, and shift to where is part of the problem. I guess our house is too little.

    5. Good to think of things to be grateful for. We are renewing the garden, although after three days of 24-7 rain, my yard is a bit overgrown. Inside, I'm not renewing much except me and him with nourishment.

    6. Just a little note. Made reservations this week for SD flight in late Sept./early Oct. Can you set aside Saturday, Oct. 1 for lunch and a trip to the Mingay? R or W will be at the socccor field, I won't.

    7. I LOVE it too. It has a wonderful Van Gogh look to it. She is very talented.

      I've been wanting to visit for quite a while but a zillion things keep popping up. We had guests just leave so perhaps my life will calm down a bit. Maybe...

    8. The blue and gold are perfect.Very pleasing to the eye.


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