June 6, 2016


Pine Needle Baskets

I won’t bore you with all of my 177 photos.  There are some like these magical pine needle baskets that I thought you would enjoy.  A few other’s are pretty good too.   Perhaps I will be sharing them with you for the next six months.

We got there early before the crowds and started with the jewelry…which was really excellent this year, and moved on to the furniture.  The first thing you make in a college class is a box, chairs next, and lastly tables.  Lots of good classwork here.  There were many examples of beautiful wood used in a thousand different ways throughout the gallery. 

Upstairs next to the quilts were lace, knitting, sewing, cooking…which we missed, and place settings.  A quilt guild had one table, the basket makers another.  Usually there’s a gathering of lace makers too, but this year there was a coin collecting society instead.  Men amid the quilts…fun.

Little steam punk.  A nice tea table, but little else.  We dashed away from the theme areas to watch the Fireman’s Destruction Derby.  It’s a fundraiser for the Burn Center, and firemen from all the surrounding districts put together a heavyweight car they think might win.  Meanwhile young firemen are out in the fair passing their boots for contributions. 

Crash bang clang…we had a ball.

We ate well despite ourselves.  We missed the foods, the art, the photography, and the gardens.  I guess we will have to go for a second visit.

  • Himself:  Doing his own queue today.  Simple dinner and off to the hinterlands for a meeting.
  • Herself:  It’s officially my day off.  Menus, grocery shopping, quilting, and meals.
  • Reading:  Silva…I’m often forced to read each word.
  • Gratitudes:  For living here in paradise.


    1. It sounds like a browsers paradise!

    2. Ah, the Hinterlands. Will his evening be cooler? ;-) I must go to a fair once again someday.

    3. Those baskets are to die for. Wonderful fair.

    4. Fantastic! Time for fun, for us, too.


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