July 5, 2016

Friends Visiting

2016, Katy and Mage.

Geoff, Bobbie, Mage.

We had visits from old friends these last few days, and there is nothing better. 

Katy showed up for her 50th High School reunion, and had a lot of fun including a float ride in the parade.  We were the last innocent generation, she said.  I thought mine was, but she made some clear points.  Perhaps mine was the last generation before the Hippies changed the world.  I met this wonderful woman in 1966.

We had a wonderful few hours first stopping by her family’s markers at Holy Cross cemetery.  We scattered a bit of her uncle, had lunch, and lastly hit a string of Thrift Shops.  Ours was open on Saturday.  It was flat out wonderful to catch up on all the doings of her family.

One thing of great interest is that her community is discussing their seniors, and putting together a disaster plan for such a tiny isolated community. 

Sunday morning Bobbie and Geoff stopped by.  She brought down a load of duplicates leftover from two people moving in together.  I met her in 1966 too.

She brought bags of beautiful clothes and books for the shop too.  Why she doesn’t donate in LA, I don’t know.  We also had a good breakfast and a chat later.  She saw the few blocks I have finished, and she loved them.  She also agreed to pay some fabric costs.  We have liftoff.


  • Himself:  He’s working his own queue today.
  • Herself:  Swim, write here, plan menus, drop off worn stuff at Goodwill, grocery shop, lunch, drop off not worn stuff at the Shop, read, cook, relax.  Why do I still quilt when I struggle so to make them.  I love the end result.
  • Reading:  Volume 3 of the Moon space opera.
  • Gratitudes:  That I feel so well, that I can climb stairs again with some energy, that I can lift bags and boxes with verve again.


    1. Tell K.T. that Glen from the bookstore days says aloha. Small world up there on the North Coast.

      1. Anne...please tell Glen that Katy from the bookshop would love to catch up with him...I'm still at the bookshop and have been for 26 years...he can contact me or leave messages there...Katy

      2. Katy, Thanks for responding. He doesn't do Facebook but does connect via email. Slackkeyg@gmail.com We just passed the 5 year mark here on the Big Island, he is a very happy guy. Stop by if you're ever in the neighborhood. Aloha

    2. Old friends making new memories. Great!

    3. Annoying, I just wrote a comment that floated away. Oh well, begin again. Stairs are good for us, the best exercise I get all day. Very sick last night. I suspect it's IBS. See my gastroenterologist in a week or two. Or maybe it's my imagination. Sister has it, so did mom. Copy-cat?

      The best generation will be the malennials I think.

    4. Absolutely nothing better than old friends. For sure!

    5. It was a nice weekend with old friends. Not saying our friends are old........

    6. Nothing better than feeling good, energetic and productive, and being with old friends. Lucky you!


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