July 2, 2016


A view from my chair.  Small: DeLlamas; Big: Hawkins.

Three days a week around eleven, I eat lunch at home from my wonderfully overstuffed chair.  Perhaps a scoop of cottage cheese, mayo, and half an avocado.  Proteins and fats instead of carbohydrates.  I’ve spent my mornings rushing around even on the internet.  Thanks to many of you, I have wonderful people I visit here. 

I’ve been known to fall asleep with a snort and snore after lunch.  My head bobs.  I get a headache.  Silly me.

Wednesdays and Fridays I take lunch with me to work.  G packs me a sandwich…paper thin slices of homemade bread, meat, and lots of lettuce in a Ziploc baggie.  That baggie is my key to eating and working at the same time.  My work is dirty, and I don’t want a dirt clogged sandwich while I sort or shelve books and clothes.  Yes, I often stick my baggie in my apron pocket and grab a bite when I can.

Saturday’s we have been having lunch at the Broken Yolk.  For years we ate at Perry’s, but the Yolk’s morning foods seem less greasy.  Yes, I feel guilty eating somewhere new.  We have way too many breakfast places within a four block area:  two Denny’s, Naked Cafe, Perry’s, Broken Yolk, I-HOP, a hotel restaurant, Swami’s, a waffle place, and tons of fast food places.  You would think somebody would have made a functional business plan before starting a breakfast restaurant in this very tiny neighborhood.

I confess.  Pancakes were my favorite thing for years.  No more.  But I sure do remember them fondly.


  • Himself:  Playing games.  Watching Netflix now that he has it working….so far on this three day holiday.  I think we will find a hill top to watch the fireworks from.  Nothing fancy.
  • Herself:  Finished two small star blocks for the bottom of the crow quilt.  I figured out why I hate quilting so….every block is a failure when I have to take it apart three or four times.  It depresses me.
  • Reading:  Rereading Elizabeth Moon’s space opera.  Even on this third reading since it was written, it continues to excite.
  • Gratitudes:  For being here and feeling so well.  George…always.


    1. So many restaurants to choose from. As I get older, I find I don't want to eat out so much. Much better food at home, or done the way I like I guess.

    2. Those ads for the pineapple pancakes at IHOP sure do a number on my taste buds! Thankfully, we don't have an iHOP anywhere near us! LOL Gratitude for you and G being in my life. Will try to start writing again...

    3. I'm sure there might be one or three more breakfast joints in the hood. We might have to drive in circles.

    4. G is such a sweetheart to make to a lovely, convenient lunch for you.


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