August 20, 2016

A Day Off


Never before have I felt such relief as I did Friday when I left the shop.  Just Bill, being boss for the day, and I were in the back room.  There was court ordered volunteer to help also.  A grand FABULUXE event with its crowds going on in the front of the shop. 

I sort stuff on Fridays.  There wasn’t a giant amount of incoming bags and boxes to be sorted, but there was a continual influx of new things.  At the very end eight more boxes of books came in the door.  I didn’t sort them, I just made a pile of them much like the piles I sorted so carefully on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  I ignored these new boxes…can you imagine.  Enough is enough.

We two curled up carefully at home after dinner instead of going to our usual meeting.  A tiny drain tube in the refrigerator had clogged up, and the freezer and floor near it had begun flooding.  A very nice, young eastern European repairman showed up several hours late.  Getting caught up in rush hour traffic is a good excuse.  He fixed us in a jiffy, gave us discounts in apology, and gifted us with a quiet evening with a quiet refrigerator and a dry floor. 

  • Himself:  They’re going to miss me,” he kept saying…as he started a few days off.

  • Herself:  Feel fatter but I’m sticking to my eating plan.

  • 52 Week Organization:  Almost done with the laundry area.  It looks mucho better.

  • Reading:  Mayor’s very satisfying series.

  • Gratitudes:  That my bookshelves aren’t bare any more.


    1. It's good you have the laundry room almost conquered. You are really making progress. Glad the refrigerator is fixed, ours leaked and ruined the ceiling in the basement. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

    2. a repaired fridge is a good thing

    3. Sounds like you got lucky there with the fridge! I'm so glad for you!

    4. The switch on the water service in the refrigerator door died on us and I happened to notice the rug was wet. Robert had filled the coffee pot water container and the water just kept on running. He didn't notice it, but I did... thankfully, we were home. Makes me wish I hadn't got the fancy refrigerator with ice/water in the door. Sometimes, these things are more trouble than they're worth. Glad you got yours fixed, and yes, to George -- they're going to miss him terribly! Hugs to you both!


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