August 22, 2016



The days seem cooler…at last.  I love birds…but we have few.  I am charmed by trees, but here again we have palm trees and alders.  We do have heat.  Ugly hot sticky stuff coming up from the south.  I can’t imagine how the players have been doing in the long damp heat of Rio’s winter.

Yes, despite politics, despite local disasters, we have the Olympics and Rio in 100% humidity.  It may only be 70 degrees F, 21 degrees  there, but that 100% humidity would drive anyone into air conditioning.   The Olympics are outdoors, and amid the problems of polluted waters and polluted players, there have been some golden moments.

There’s Bolt. There’s Phelps, but to cheer the soul now there is also Ledecky.  I love that woman.  Abbey D'Agostino of the U.S. and New Zealand's Nikki Hamblin touched our hearts.  Did I say how much I enjoyed the rowing, the shooting, and the beach volleyball. 

The days seem cooler, and we have had the magic of the Olympics.     

  • Himself:  Playing games, eating…LOL, and enjoying a few days off.

  • Herself:  Taking clothes in, reading, not thinking books til Wednesday.

  • 52 Week House Reorganization:  Laundry scrubbed down, and all the loose stuff in baskets from Tarjay.

  • Reading:  Still reading Mayor mysteries.

  • Gratitudes:  That I am really feeling so well.


    1. It is good to read that you are feeling well. It is obvious you have the energy for renewal in your life.

    2. The Olympics have definitely offered a bright spot on the TV. Now we can get into the fall shows. There were definitely some outstanding performances at the Olympics.

    3. So glad you're feeling better. The Olympics kind of wore me out, but I so loved runners Nikki Hamblin and Abbey D’Agostino, there really are some great people in the world.

    4. It was fun, but I'm eager to get back to regular programming and the fun of new shows next month!

    5. That photo makes me homesick for the California coast.

    6. we've had a brief cooling before it heats up again, but maybe the next round won't get quite as hot.

    7. Wonderful news. I love the swimmers, and this year enjoyed the women's soccor until the US lost.

    8. Isn't it wonderful to feel good? Blessings to you! I'm feeling good as well. I've been going for weekly adjustments to my sacral joints and lower spine, so things are right on track there. Hugs to you and G.

    9. Glad you are feeling well. Nothing better. I watched Olympics sporadically and feel quite proud that we are not just the poor relation with regard to sport now. We used to blame it on the fact we didn't have enough meat during the war: }


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