August 30, 2016


After: Under the kitchen sink is painted and lined in Plexi as is the recycle area.  Plant food is moved to the garage.  Garage walls are about half done.

Back to the pool, writing, sewing, eating, doing 15 minutes cleaning up something…right now 15 minutes in the garage.  Getting rid of things too.  Reading…did I say that.  Ordering more “Mayor” used mysteries from ABE Books.

Every morning, dear G wakes me with coffee.  This morning was a bit of a fight…he pulled on the covers; I refused to let go of the covers.  No pool for the next seven days as it is closed for repair.  Instead I shall roll down the hill to our own pool and hot tub.  Himself will pick me up on his way home.  Ideally.  This way I can't get out of exercising in the pool.

Book sale at work is still ongoing.  Every day since Friday, I’ve gone in and put books out on the shelves.  When I am there, folks tell me that I should be getting a commission on the books.   I find it amusing.  I don’t see why they can’t buy them without me there. 

Breakfast, lunches, and dinners….simple stuff.  I like that, and G seems to put up with me.  Today Chicken en Brochette.  Tomorrow sausage, apples and red cabbage.  Lots of ginger in that.  Thursday he can just take me out for dinner.  Yes, I am smiling.

  • Himself:  He REALLY enjoyed his days off.  Today he is filling in on someone else’s queue.

  • Herself:  Ordered the new Longmire book.  A new Elizabeth Moon book in the Vatta series will be out March 2017.

  • 52 Week House Reorganization:  Garage:  One wall plus a corner remain to be organized.  I got the many drawer cupboard sorted too.

  • Reading:  Ilke’s book on growing up in post WII Germany.

  • Gratitudes:  30 Pounds.


    1. Yay for the pounds! And the organizing! You are doing a tremendous job! Well done!

    2. 30 lbs is WONDERFUL! Congrats!

    3. The pattern of our days...very important to maintain it.

    4. Thank you all for noticing. :)))

    5. You are certainly on a roll! Maybe this fall when the grands are all gone and I can breathe I will take time to organize the pantry...again, and under the sink...again!

    6. Wow! I'm really impressed. I sure don't want you to see what it looks like under my sinks. Oh dear.


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