August 10, 2016

Week 3 and 4

2010: The Pantry when built.

Yes, of course, I’m getting ahead of myself.  If I were working full time, I would get through a week a month.  Now here I am done with week four.

Have you ever looked at the dates on your salad dressings?  We had a whole shelf of them, and I didn’t even know they had “use by” dates.  There was an OMG moment when I discovered that most of those dressings were so far beyond their expiration dates that they were dead.  A whole shelf of refrigerated dead.

The canned goods were fine.  But next to them sat the spice shelves.  They too have expiration dates, and much to my surprise many of them had 2017 “use by” dates.  Hurrah…but I still have to replace a bunch.  By dinner time the recycle and trash bins were full.
Next Recipes and Cookbooks.  I can always do that again.  I love my cookbooks.


  • Himself:  Work, work, Olympics.  Record and watch the next day fast forwarding past what we won’t watch.
  • Herself:  Gentle water workout, hot tub workout.  See above, then Olympics.  Slow cooker pot roast doing it’s thing.
  • Reading:  ”The Secret Garden.”  That tells you that all the books I ordered haven’t come yet and there was nothing I wanted from the store.

  • Gratitudes:  That I am able to let go of all my fears to pass on my excess stuff.

    1. I try and go through all my spices once a year, but I always find a couple that are well past expired. I only use one brand / flavor of salad dressing now, so it's easier to keep tabs on it, too. But great reminders! A full pantry inventory (pull it all out) always finds SO MUCH that has expired. eep!

    2. Great progress. Impressive for sure! Well done!

    3. Most of those expired things will not make you sick, they will lose their texture and flavor, though

      1. As dead as they were, they had no smell for a spice, and the dressings looked awful. I never used them as I am an oil and lemon lady.

    4. I agree with Tabor. Most expiry dates can be taken with a grain of salt or a pinch of spice. :) In moderation, of course. Sounds like some of yours were way past the date. Better to be safe than sorry.

    5. Love your pantry. I have a pull out cupboard in my little kitchen too. Good work your doing.


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