September 11, 2016


1971 in the back yard.

For many years, I was very uncomfortable celebrating my birthday.
I awoke that 9-11 froze in front of the television.  All that horror.  I took personally.  I still have trouble watching the films of that morning, but the shock has softened over the years. 

Today I am celebrating by going to a shop meeting, then later in the day to a Business meeting.  We both had forgotten those things and had scheduled a movie.  I’ll do the movie next week and celebrate two weeks in a row.  Selfishly of course as one is only 75 once.

  • Himself:  Coming to the meetings with me.

  • Herself:  75.  Joined Poolies Illuminate.

  • 52 Week House Reorganization:  Finished the attic except the Christmas.  I'll do those in November.

  • Reading:  More Mayor.

  • Gratitudes:  That I’m here with you all instead of dead.


    1. Happy birthday! So sorry the special day has been marred the last 15 years. 😕

    2. Best wishes for your 75th. Celebrate and enjoy. I believe you are the first person I've encountered with this date as their birthday.

    3. Still looking at the green side of the sod! Yay! Hope it's a wonderful day!

    4. You art work does have such style and you will ignore this because I have very little artistic knowledge and from my photos you can see I am very unsophisticated in my photographic and romance and no nuance. Three quarters of a century is wonderful when I see that gleam in your eyes.

    5. Well, congratulations. 75 is really good, and you're still living strong.

    6. Hope your birthday has been a good one... even with the horrible coincidence. You are a very special friend to me. Hugs and love, T

    7. Happy Birthday Mage! My grandgirl turned 17 today too. Glad you both are here for the rest of us.

    8. Hugs and thanks for joining my group!

    9. I love this painting. Do what some of us do, have a birthday month. David has two more celebrations this week. Connie and bill are bringing him a chip on Saturday. Number 37 he thinks.

    10. 9-11 is also the day my grandfather passed away. I wish the date could have been happier for you. However, Happy Birthday, Mage!!! From now on, I can think of 9-11 and also think of you to make me smile and feel good.


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