September 26, 2016

Dozin' The Day Away

Often I get earaches from dust.  One of those started four days ago.  Suffice me to say, it grew and I slept all morning today.  Probably more later.  G is working hard on someone else’s work.  They resigned.  Every once in a while he checks on me and goes back to work. 

We did stir up a lot of dust yesterday.  All but a few things are cleaned and organized on G’s side of the office.  I have a pile of magazines and family pictures to scan on mine.  Everything else is done on my side too.  He admits it needed doing.  Boy do I agree.

We have a mail area, we have a file system, we have tax storage too.  The office itself is decluttered.  Now I am moving on to email filing decluttering…what ever that means.  I know I can do this while I blow my nose.    Decluttering is the key to all of this, says the guru.  Documents folder and download history…empty out.  Deleting emails and attachments you have already saved to your hard drive.  I can do this.  Sent folder.  I get the idea.

Photo and Video files too.  Oh, that’s almost as frightening as clearing out the unused fabrics….mountains of table cloths, napkins, and that sort of thing left over from the antique shop years.  They suggest 15 minutes.  So that’s what I will do. 

The rest of the day, you can find me napping.


  • Himself:  Got several hours of overtime while covering for the dear departed employee.  He’s off to meet with John tonight.
  • Herself:  Read, doze, drink lots of water.  Put together a meat loaf.  I can do this.  I need to schedule time to read my “Poets and Writers” magazine.
  • 52 Week House Reorganization:  Email and other electronic stuff.
  • Reading:  Catch by Mayor.
  • Gratitudes:  That it’s only 90 something outside.


    1. wow, I stopped saving emails to my hard drive, or printing them, YEARS ago. Those at work are on the work server, personal ones in the 'cloud.' :o

    2. No, all our email for two accounts is on the web. It still builds up.

    3. My blog is in the cloud. Where else could I store it? It's huge!

      1. Mine goes back to 74....with photos and drawings. I understand your collection of pages.

    4. Gosh! I don't keep any of our emails. I'm probably going to regret this. Good luck on all your cleaning. sigh.. A nap sounds good.

    5. At one time in my life, I printed emails. I have several binders that will get tossed by someone someday. They were my side of correspondence back when email pals were similar to pen pals.


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