September 18, 2016


Captain Poolie.

After a truly busy morning hunting for but not finding a pair of new faded green pants, I was lazy most of the afternoon.  Somehow I still seem to be celebrating my birthday.  Bits here and bits of it there sort of birthday.   

Somehow, during the mornings putterings, I chatted for a while with the Captain on Facebook.  We had found her a little cat-headed, cabalistic pot that I thought might fit with her semi-imaginary group the Illuminati.  We ended up at her delightful, 1950’s, open plan home for dinner and conversation. 

This kind of conversational richness that can only be had with open, loving friends.  The evening was a wonderful gift.


  • Himself:  ”CBS Sunday Morning,” Computer stuff, shower, and “Sully” on the big screen.  Dinner out, and a meeting.  Retirement planning stuff.
  • Herself:  Ditto today.  Still looking for a pair of soft off olive green pants as my favorites are falling off.  (Have fallen.)
  • 52 Week House Reorganization:  #16: Organize contact info.  This week’s project.
  • Reading:  The newest JA Jance.  Review: The new Longmire is simply great.
  • Gratitudes:  That G and I are liking each other too.


    1. Prolonging birthday celebrations is good. We joke that my wife has a month-long celebration.

    2. Lengthy birthday celebrations are great. Who wouldn't like it? Glad yours has been so great!

    3. I really had fun with you guys last night!

    4. No greater gift than good friends... hugs to you and G!

    5. Can I ask if she was once a Captain in the Navy?? You are very close. Did you serve together?

      1. Nope, she used to teach aboard the Star Of India. She's the museum director of G's museum.

    6. My family likes birthday celebrations that linger. Since gifting is something that if often late with us the celebration goes on and on. Enjoy. Envying your pants becoming to large although I miss old favorites either by shrinkage or lots of use.

    7. That table looks familiar. I think I ate there once. Nice place.

    8. My blog is being visited by trolls. I need your email address to add you as a reader. Please email me. Thx!


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