September 20, 2016

Taking it all in...

At my top weight.

Again, I am going through my closet.  Oh, I’d like to be losing weight faster, but as long as it keeps coming off, I’m fine.  My clothes aren’t.

I still have that pair of denims and the shirt I wore to Catalina.  The pants are 24’s.  I took them in, and the shirt will finally button.  Still, I am the owner of an acre of pants that slowly fall off.  That slide won’t do.  I’m trying to replace them but the off, gentle olive I like can only be found in “skinny” pants.  No matter what, “Skinny” doesn’t make it on fat, flab, and Lymphedema. 

I have one pair of black denim.  You would laugh to see me in them.  Who worries about clothes that fit at age 75.  My grandmother did. 

Medical care for my grandpa took all their retirement money.  After his death in the 1950’s, she had $85.00 a month to live on.  She accepted old clothes from her friends and altered them.  She also went through the neighborhood trashcans and altered the clothes she found there.  She graduated from Hamlin College in the 1800’s, She married a college teacher who became a college president.  My mother gave her fancily wrapped food for Christmas.

Those who knew her remember her loving kindness and caring, I also remember that she was always carefully dressed.  Now four generations onward, her great, great grandchildren will never meet her, but will only know her from her pictures.  I’m not a kind person, but they too will remember me by my pictures too.

I call her gramma Maudie.


  • Himself:  He’s covering someone on vacation today.
  • Herself:  Closet, hair, cut, and back to sewing.  Yesterday I was not a success on the machine.
  • 52 Week House Reorganization:  I’m on week 16.
  • Reading:  Just finished the new JA Jance.  It’s a good one.
  • Gratitudes:  That I am back in the swing of the pool first thing in the morning.


    1. congrats on the losing the weight! Be sure to throw out the biggest clothes as you under-grow them. It keeps weight gain less tempting, should that evilness re-occur at some stressful point. (and it always seems to, for me...) (so no negative reflection on you. :) )

    2. Great job on the weight loss.

      Maudie was gorgoeus! And a woman of strength.

    3. Maudie was beautiful -- what gorgeous skin... I hate trying on clothes ... I'm hard to fit and not everything looks good on me. When I find something that fits that I can buy off the rack, I try to buy 2-3 of them in different colors. Koret and Dunner are brands that I can buy off the rack that will actually fit me without having to try them on... And they wear soooo well! I admire anyone who could live on $85 a month in that age!!!

    4. Lovely woman and ahead of her time.

    5. I am pushing my weights exercises once again. I will run close to 4 miles on the elliptical today. I NEVER lose a pound, but my clothes do fit a little better. I hate that I cannot lose weight by following this. I admit that my food habits are not the best, but they are better than 90% of those trying to lose weight. Can you tell I am angry, but to angry to notice how good you look and perfect posture as well!

      1. Yes, and over 30 pounds heavier. I have to reduce the quantities of food I eat even more. Darn.

    6. That was supposed to be "NOT too angry."

    7. You're on the right track. That's what matters.


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