September 4, 2016

Tid-bits and Orts

·       It’s Festival of Sail time again.  Nowhere can I discover which ships we have in port this year.  G wants to go see, and I think it will be fun too.  He wants to bring my walker, but I think I will make it.
·       We only have part of one wall in the garage to organize, and we will be done with that project.  I brought a bin of blue knickknacks up from the garage.  Tomorrow we will see if there are any we want to keep.
·       Did the eye doc today for the field of vision, the pressure tests, and the dilation to see how my cataracts are doing.  The field of vision was a little better than last time, the pressure is now in the normal range…oh hurrah, and the cataracts haven’t gotten worse.  I call this progress.
·       Started not eating at our favorite breakfast place.  $32.00 bucks for breakfast was too much for us.  We have been there and tried breakfast without coffee.  The total was a bit better.  Today nearby customers turned us on to the Senior Menu.  We didn’t know to ask for one.  Total was $14.00 for two.  They also offer a rewards card.  Another 10%.  Progress in this case is important.
·       Life is delightful.  Not much heat….68F by late afternoon.  Glorious sunshine.  I confess that I so like sitting in my chair looking at art, or walking down the back stairs looking at art…framed pieces, bits of other’s thoughts on paper or canvass or through the eye of a camera.  Sometimes small things like this make me so happy.

·       G’s playing ‘Civilization’ again.  Smiling.  I’m writing then reading my destroyer book.  Feeling happy.  The dishes are washed, new pants found at the store that fit….Fisher. so I need to banish the bigger things.  At work, our boss has taken a month or so off, and I will miss her.  Maybe this afternoon, I will play a bit with post Renaissance Architecture.


  1. I can see you use George as a walker. Ha Ha!

  2. wondering if it will still be warm enough for shorts at Del Mar today. Looks like you had fun, and congrats on the eyes and better deal at your breakfast place!

    1. I'd wear long pants and carry a lite jacket.

  3. I loved this pist as you meandered through your life. Have a great day!

  4. It's nice to know that things are going along nicely for you. I envy you that dry, bright not too warm weather. It's so humid and rainy here, because of the hurricanes that thankfully bypassed us.

  5. That is a pricey breakfast, but it looks like you've figured it out. Breakfast is almost our only meal out, or at least our most frequent. On a special day, like my recent birthday, we tend to do breakfast out as our little treat.

  6. Good find with the senior menu. Temps dropping here too. You are the mistress of orts.

  7. You do look very healthy and happy in that photo above. Do not know what you two are doing, but keep it up!

  8. I LOVE that photo of you and wonderful G.
    I'm going to the optometrist tomorrow. Keeping my fingers crossed.


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