September 29, 2016

Work, work, work!

I confess, however much passion I have for my job, they didn’t want me there yesterday.  I sound like I have a cold, but after two weeks it’s still in my head only. 

Yesterday, instead of boxing up our three month old stock, we put it on sale…5 for a dollar.  I had enough energy to pull the wagon loads of old books, but none to shelve new books.  G says I sound better today, but do I want to share this whatever it is with the masses tomorrow.  I think staying at home isn’t a dumb idea.


  • Himself:  Still doing someone else work.  Men’s night out with friends last night, and he got home late.
  • Herself:  Took a three hour nap yesterday.
  • 52 Week House Reorganization:  24 was office, 25 was email, and 26 make-up.  I did that.  Now we are to the linen closet.  Perhaps I need another 3 hour nap first.
  • Reading:  Barr…the one about the wolves.
  • Gratitudes:  That I am not in agony.


    1. Good napping to you and hope you are well soon. The autumn sneezies and wheezies are out here too!

    2. If you slept three hours, you must have needed to. Feel better soon.

    3. September brings with it colds and coughs. My grands and daughter have already succumbed.

    4. Take care of yourself ... naps are good as a back-up plan for more sleep. Your body heals itself when you're sleeping! Healing hugs to you... I've taken a flyer from the local library and will hopefully make it to their next meeting. I'll hopefully become a book sorter too!!


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