October 22, 2016

Being Pollyannaish

A really happy Duck in Egypt, scanned 2016.

I’m hoping we can fit two haircuts and a trip to Rosie’s Quilt Shop into the next three hours.  We are both shaggy…G more than I, and I long to see what dark greens she might have.  Rosies opens at 8, and the hair cut place at 9.  We should be able to fit life in before breakfast at the Broken Yolk.


  • Himself:  Had great trouble working yesterday as many sites he uses were down.
  • Herself:  Worked with the books yesterday as little came into the store.  Glad to see old friends in the evening.
  • 52 Week House Reorganization:  Begun sorting through old digital images getting rid of duplicates or out of focus photos.
  • Reading:  Major
  • Gratitudes:  Glad I can work on my negative attitudes about my aches and pains.


    1. Have a great day and weekend! Happy haircut!

    2. Nice that you have so much retail within driving distance.

      1. No joy over Duck on a camel?

      2. Actually, yes. I just wondered how he got the name Duck. I can see his whole trip in that one photo.

    3. Love the photo. Duck looks happier than I did on my beast. Do hope you find your dark green.

    4. So which one is Himself, exactly? ;)


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