October 6, 2016

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

You all know where I volunteer.  Why?  My father had mouth cancer, my mother had many cancers starting with colon cancer in 1948.  My mother’s father had cancer and my father’s mother had breast cancer.  My special friend, Jo, had breast cancer as did a long time roommate Janey and other friends too. 

Wednesday I am the book-person, and Fridays I am a sorter.  The goal is not to bring home armloads of things every day I go in.  Confession is good for the soul tho, and I must tell you that I brought home a complete book of Robert Frost’s poetry yesterday.  I’m not feeling a bit guilty either.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Stop in to your nearest American Cancer Society Discovery Shop.  Ask us how you can save 25% on all you purchases for the next 30 days and support Breast Cancer Research.  We have one full time employee, and we are supposed to have one part time employee…who is now on sabbatical.  Our boss is doing it all with fewer volunteers than usual.


  • Himself:  Vacations and attrition have cut the staff where he works.  Right now he is at his computer from seven to seven….with lunch and dinner squeezed in there somewhere.

  • Herself:  My short term memory has gotten vastly worse since that incident on Sunday.  I was wonderfully improved yesterday but find myself faded today.

  • 52 Week House Reorganization:  I am on week 28: Organize the Master Bedroom Closet.  Since I’ve been discarding things for months, this should be a semi easy job. / Ha!  I only got 8 shirts, 2 dresses, and four pair of pants out of the closet this time.  Lots of hats tho.

  • Reading:  Archer Mayor’s “Gatekeeper.”

  • Gratitudes:  That I am here to type this.


    1. No shops anywhere near our somewhat remote town but I send $. Our family has a long list much like yours. My Dad made it through two rounds of colon cancer. My short term memory goes AWOL whenever my body is under siege. Hard not to worry that it won't get better. Keep on truckin' love.

    2. Kudos to you for your volunteer work!

    3. On Robert Frost book, yay. I would have done the same! I have a small collection of poetry books and am putting in my will that it CANNOT just be given away. It must go to some place where it will be used. So sorry about the memory problems I have had a few days like that and it really makes me grumpy for a long time!

    4. All but two people in my father's family died of cancer. I remember counting down to my father's age when he died at sixty of cancer and feeling strange to have more time than he got on this earth. There is new cancer treatment on the horizon! It would be beyond wonderful to see that happen!

    5. I had (have??) a hardbound book of Frost's poems. It was bound in deep green fabric. I loved that I could pick it up and read a poem at random. Nice memory and a real keeper of an author (I haven't looked, but I hope I kept my copy). And my apologies for not reading/posting more regularly here. Hugs to you ...

    6. Think pink. I love it! Surgery when I return from CA. Yes, another skin cancer. Quarterly checks are so boing, but needs must.

    7. No Discovery Shops in this area; however, a few miles over, where I was living when I retired, there are two and Discovery was my first stop after retiring. Knowing I'd never wear a business suit ever again in life, I went through the closet and donated all my suits, blazers, blouses, high-heel shoes, boots because thought that was the organization where the apparel would do the most good.

      1. Thank you so much for your donations. That happens here too, and with the husband's clothes too. If you need books or other clothes, do check us out.


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