October 24, 2016

More of the Usual

Halloween Lights up; Halloween lights down.

We pass in the daytime here.  He’s headed to the gym at 0600ish and I head to the pool at 0645.  Today we passed in the Y parking lot.  He handed me a white shirt to go to the cleaners with a kiss.  I laughed.  In the pool I cursed a bit as the hot tub wasn’t open then head to the cleaners feeling appallingly domestic.  That’s me today. 

Outside today all our buildings have a construction crew replacing rotted wood.  We are supposed to be taking all the art off the walls.  They don’t know what they ask, and the thought of this bother’s me.  We are not taking our art off the walls, but we are taking the Halloween decor down from the termite holes.

Yesterday I continued my usual forgetfulness.  We forgot salad makings when we shopped yesterday.  We bought protein for entrees but forgot the salads and veggies.  This morning after eating my yogurt while reading your blog posts, I went back to the grocery store.  There will be green beans sauced with butter and garlic to go with tonight’s dinner.  Broccoli with lemon for tomorrow.  And a variety of salad makings from Greek to old fashioned carrot raisin to liven up the week.

Today after lunch, instead of rushing about doing dishes and typing in passwords and working on the quilt, I slouched into One of Kathy Reichs early mysteries.  I’d still be down there reading if my conscience didn’t bother me. 

Tomorrow will be much the same minus the too much grocery shopping.

  • Himself:  At work at 0700.  Doing laundry too.
  • Herself:  Doing pretty well.  Shop, bed, dishes, passwords.  Photobucket down but you can get your own images from Facebook too.
  • 52 Week House Reorganization:  Not one thing today.
  • Reading:  The second Reichs.

  • Gratitudes:  The cool grey of the day, the dampness on the windshield.

    1. Spent today taking art off the walls of our master bedroom as a painter is coming on Weds. I do not have a lot of art in there as I am trying to keep it Zen. I have long ago decided my persona is more domestic than interesting.

      1. Sometimes domestic is interesting. Look at Anne Morrow Lindbergh. :)

    2. Had to laugh as George struggles with lights and you sink into Reichs. Read her early books but might reread them. She was pretty good. Also enjoying Louise Penny. Canadians can write!

      Did I thank you for a wonderful day? Highlight of my trip!

    3. Isn't this the second reno to your buildings? I hope they're soon done and everything is shipshape.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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