October 31, 2016

Not the usual Monday Morning

Fall décor with a little Halloween.

He’s been working long hours, and up until recently, I have been lazy.  Not working just worrying about the quilt is lazy.  Halloween has motivated both of us this year. 

Up until recently, we had no trick or treaters.  Giving away the candy at work doesn’t really make it.  This year, we have kids in units all around us.  Rather exciting, actually.  I used to love Halloween when I was a kid.  Mother let me wear her Mexican costume one year.  It was awfully fragile.  She took me to a Halloween fair at my school…the F Street School.  I remember another year being allowed to trick-or-treat also.  Around the corner and down the street to the next block.  Very exciting stuff as I wasn’t allowed to go there during the day.

There’s an orange wreath on the door, a crow awaits our callers, and orange lights frame the whole thing.  Dangling overhead is a giant grey spider, and webbing spreads below her.  Or is it a him?  A bowl of candy sits on the bookcase right inside the door, and a funny man in a chicken head will surprise any callers.

I so hope we have lots of them.

Putting up the spider.


  • Himself:  He’s working overtime again and dusting off his chicken head.
  • Herself:  Pool, breakfast, and now doing the chores happily.  Cleaners, laundry, dishes, call the Registrar of Voters…and my corrections on the ballot were ok!!!...call the dentist, and do another load of laundry.  Monday stuff.
  • 52 Week House Reorganization:  Done with the books, done with emergency packs for both car and truck, first aid supplies are done, Purses all stuffed and in rows, next is organizing the Holiday stuff is next.
  • Reading:  Nothing…yes, I said that, but lunch and reading time aproacheth.
  • Gratitudes:  For everything today.


    1. Enjoy the evening with the trick or treaters!

    2. First aid kits in the car...a good idea.

    3. I love it all. We aren't going to turn on the porch light or open our door. There is a large crack in our cement walkway and I'm concerned that small children might trip and break teeth when running, hurry-scurry, up the walkway to the door.

    4. Monday is chore day. My husband and handyman friend Jim are doing finishing touches on our new deck. We should get a few trick or treaters. Hope the rain stops!

    5. You do realize that on New Year's you have to start this re-organization all over again...just kidding. I do hope you get LOTS of children. I love that.

      1. LOL
        Six kids before we retreated.

    6. I see you're in the spirit! Sadly, I don't see any sign of it over here. Mom says there were no trick or treaters here in our Hawaii neighborhood last year. There were tons in Illinois.

    7. We had 2 kids --- that's it for the whole evening. We figured they were from the house on the corner, a couple of blocks away as the kids always wave at us when we drive by. Plus, we gave one of the kids a bike, so that made an instant friend of us. :)

    8. We have stopped participating in Halloween (at the door) because there are without exaggeration hundreds of kids that do our street. The excess makes it so that it is no longer fun for us.

    9. Went from zero kids the last 8 years to hordes last night.

    10. We had only about 20 kids at the door last night; significantly lower than any previous year. So sad.

      p.s. I hate damned crows. ;)

    11. As a naughty chid I enjoyed Halloween but tend to ignore it now as we don't get children round these days. I'm getting to be a boring old trout.


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