October 11, 2016

Photo Books

Saturday in Balboa Park, some of the museums had book sales.  Among them was the Museum of Photographic Arts.  One gentleman had beaten George to the table, and he had bought a giant pile of the books.  Five bucks a bag, they were.  G bought most of what was left…all of the above.  Simply marvelous stuff including two volumes on Eisenstaedt.  

Paul Adams Hawkins, my first husband, was a really good photographer.  He introduced me to the magic of the medium, then he took the camera away from me.  My works were snapshots, he told me.  I didn’t argue in those days. 

Now I live with a marvelous man who buys me cameras.  He puts up with me when I drop them, he takes better shots than I do, and his eye makes me push myself harder. 

Here’s a little photo essay on Time Magazine: 

  • Himself:  Puts up with me when I cook too.  A short day at work today: only 8 hours.

  • Herself:  Cooked dinner all over the kitchen last night.  I even had to mop the floor.  Meatballs in red sauce (all over the kitchen,) noodles, and artichokes with mayonnaise.

  • 52 Week House Reorganization:  Finished shoes and jewelry and now moving on to books which I had too many of.  I’m skipping the kids organization and the dining room as I have a quilt work room there instead. I’ve done the photos and journals and got them on a thumb drive.  I’m also trying to find a home for the hard bound books.

  • Reading:  Mayor.

  • Gratitudes:  That I’m doing well.


    1. You really are doing well. Making great progress too.

    2. I love photo books! I also love taking pictures.

    3. Nobody should take your camera away. Snapshots have their place and probably are the best photography at all in our memories.

    4. Just read the article on Eisenstaedt. Oh my word... he was soooo good. Truly. And you are too. Never think for a moment that you aren't gifted when you're working behind a camera.


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