October 27, 2016


Both kids….

·       Our balconies are repaired but they forgot to paint one.  They got it later.
·       It’s going to be a skimpy holiday season, and I have to begin planning now 
·       I should go in to work and pull some of the green tagged books…
·       Instead I am going to write this…
·       And grocery shop…
·       And do the laundry so G doesn’t have hours away from work…
·       And see if the newly cut pieces will work in the Crow Quilt….
·       And read if I can…
·       What a lot of ands which are all good.


  • Himself:  Still working 9 hours.

  • Herself:  Really short of books at the store.  I took a whole box of my books in….which might help.

  • 52 Week House Reorganization:  Books.

  • Reading:  Still Major

  • Gratitudes:  That I am here to have all these smalls.


    1. All is made up of smalls which are bigger than we think at the end of the day. Still trying to figure out why my avatar when I comment on others blogs does not link back to me! Frustrating.

      1. All I get here is the lover case "b".
        That ok, I can't post pictures here any more as I use html. LOL

    2. Life is a bunch of little things if we are lucky, isn't it?

    3. I'd say that the Smalls are the keys to living a good life.

    4. Good strategies. It's an unsettled time, and we just have to keep going.

    5. Ok testing this comment backlink. You can ignore.

      1. It appears I get a backlink when I post from my PC and do not when it is my laptop!! At least to you.

      2. Yes, there you are again. Is the laptop an Apple?

    6. Everyday life. Now check today's post.

    7. Having company is always fun, but it gets you sidetracked from your routine. Consequently, I haven't read nor posted to your blog for days on end. But here I am, back again!! Hugs and love to you...

    8. Sigh... Have a nice week ahead. I've got a ton of "ands" as well and will have to take another blog hiatus soon.

    9. Smalls keep you going when one's life is shattered.


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