October 2, 2016

Wonderful Things: EDIT

Broken pins bought at an estate sale…but I love em.

One of those mornings.  No CBS Sunday Morning, faint me, and lovely pins G bought me at an estate sale yesterday.

We had seen pictures of this estate sale that showed three wonderful Russel Wright chairs.  Light simple things that caught both of our attentions.  At the estate sale, there was only one left.  Light, simple, and damaged.  We were both sad.  He did find some magic enamel critters. Caught my imagination but no idea of the artist.  If anyone knows, please let me know.

Today still shakey from a weakness attack, but we are going out to brunch with an old friend hearing her woes and loves.  Her dad died, and she’s mostly back east taking care of her mom.  We love her.  After brunch, we are off to the quilt shop to try and match up that rosey red that I have on an old quilt.  Window shop too.


  • Himself:  Breakfast with friends, petrol in the can

  • Herself:  Faint and shakey, but going out to breakfast and shopping anyway.

  • 52 Week House Reorganization:  I’m not looking forward to next week.

  • Reading:  Nothing, imagine that.

  • Gratitudes:  That I am feeling better now and will call the doc in the morning.
  • PS: Called the doctor, feeling a bit better.  Very frightened yesterday.


    1. The fact you aren't reading something is quite shocking. Have a great time with your friend and a great week.

    2. Glad you are feeling better. I get surprised at the strange things my body does when I am off living my life. Take care!

    3. Really love those pins. Hope you are feeling better today. That would scare me too.

    4. Hope you are feeling better, sweetie.

      1. Just a little. I have a doc appointment tomorrow morning. Progress on all fronts.

    5. Hope all goes well with the Dr appt. Nothing worse than 'things happening' and not knowing why.
      Love those animal brooches (pins). It's hard to see in the photo where are they broken - no fastening on the back?
      Rest up Mage. You need your strength for when Dianne hits town :)

    6. That rosey red is not going to be easy to match. Hope all is well again.

      1. I found something quite close tho. :)

    7. Sad about the chair. Im looking for one also.


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