November 8, 2016


The napkins, placemats, and tablecloths.

Today my laundry is going around and around down there in the garage.  I’m giving myself permission to have the election news on while the machines do my work for me.

When I was a very small kid, we had a wringer and tub machine.  I wasn’t allowed to touch it  and was continuously warned about getting my hand caught in the wringer.  I still remember the excitement of the day when the Bendix arrived with its round glass window on the front of the machine.  It did all the work, and you could watch it to it.  The truth was, Dolly and Kathy did the actual work while mother went to work at the office.

Today I sorted out piles of dark clothes and light clothes.  I cursed the soap container that persisted in leaking all over everything.  There were even moments where I felt happily domestic though not at all domesticated.  I’ve never been that. 

Trump is much like the dirty dark pile of clothing.  I can’t see the dirt on the dark fabrics, but I know it’s there.  Hillary Clinton is much like the lighter shirts and socks.  The lighter pieces show the dirt clearly…especially George’s socks, but with a little work on my part, I can make it all vanish. 


  • Himself:  The new guy didn’t take the Auditing job so G is back working a great many hours a day.  At least he is working at home.
  • Herself:  Talked art with Bobbie yesterday, today I am taking out more seams.  I planned many days of dinners, and I can remember them.
  • 52 Week House Reorganization:  First you take pictures of your rooms.  I have those.
  • Reading:  Perry.
  • Gratitudes:  Everything today.


    1. Here's hoping for a good outcome today. Keep sewing and ripping -- eventually, you'll reach the end of both tasks and your top will be finished. It's just an over and over progress to the finish line. Hugs and love to you and G.

    2. Each time you mention the 52 week project you make me feel very guilty.

      1. You make me laugh. Wait till I start procrastinating on the Christmas stuff. LOL

    3. Hope they find a new auditor to lift the load soon. My maternal grandmother had a Bendix. We thought it was amazing. Washed and dried.

    4. Love the washing analogy for the candidates. Refreshing to read after all the other stuff that's been said. Well done and good luck!

    5. Apparently America likes dark laundry.

    6. Hillary is the winner, she can leave DC and work on the foundation she and Bill established and actually get something done. Donald should receive the condolences.

      PS my sweet son called from CA last evening to let me know he was dropping off his ballot for Hillary.


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