November 6, 2016

Not Keeping It Simple

Brushes.  They look a bit like mine.

Yesterday wasn’t at all simple for most of the day. 

We stopped at a hoarders estate sale and read that a second half would be held next week.  We were totally amazed.  We also bought a small table that we didn’t need in the midst of divesting ourselves of stuff, things, and detritus. 

We hit the bank, and I rephotographed the shop windows.  They came home out of focus.  Out of focus shots don’t work well on Facebook.  Lunch off the senior menu at Broken Yolk, and we were off to Balboa park.  While he went to work at the Automotive museum with the visitors and station wagons, I took the noisy tram up to the Mingei Museum to photograph the tool show and the Eric Gronborg show.  Back to the car, I baked in the heat, read and napped.  This was good.

After the park, we ate dinner at the re-menued IKEA and marched around the store to find light bulbs for the hall.  G likes those low wattage lights.  Next to Costco for the hamburger patties he eats for lunch.  I rode around that unfamiliar store in one of their scooters.  Always fun.

Whooosh…Frankly, when I got home I was beyond tired are retreated to bed with a book.  I couldn’t even focus on the book. 


  • Himself:  Banking stuff for the meeting, puttering, meeting.  All the good stuff.
  • Herself:  Writing NoMoJo first.  Need second long sleeved nightshirt so off to Ross, then Quilt, eat, quilt, and meeting.  Time shrinks.
  • 52 Week House Reorganization:  None.
  • Reading:  Perry….setting aside the bio.
  • Gratitudes:  So glad of a sunny cool day here.


    1. You have a busy life, Mage. Have a great week.

    2. Your many stops along the way made me tired. Glad you got to bed when you arrived home.

    3. You need some slow days. Saw the paintbrushes on my phone from your post and could not really figure out what they were. They do look awful me being a clean freak. Even my make-up brushes get washed now and again.

      1. Those brushes are neatly encased at the Mingei Museum. Mine look clean but very worn those.

    4. I got up.
      Sat around.
      Looking forward to going to bed.
      Kidding, but compared to you, I seem pretty docile.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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