November 9, 2016

Notes on an Election

·       The New York Times has been free the last few days.  In an article on news coverage they discussed how the press coverage differed between the two candidates.  Trump was covered with “devastating or dismissive coverage.  But only one candidate was treated like she might be elected, set policy and make appointments.”  I found those thoughts ugly but true.
·       My second oldest friend called.  What a pleasure to hear her strong voice but not good news…a family member with a reoccurrence of colon cancer.  Good news too…spending Thanksgiving with her brother.  They’ve had little contact.
·       Bobbie says she will spend the DAY watching the returns come in.  There will be little of that early unless a town is small and the votes already counted.
·       “Allegations of “egregious violations,” led the Trump camp to sue Arizona over the voting.  A hearing was abruptly scheduled, all sort of stuff was to be preserved, but the Judge, “Judge Gloria Sturman denied the Trump campaign’s requests and appeared dumbfounded by the lawsuit.  “What are you saying?” she asked. “Why are we here?”
·       To make voting a more arduous task, the day is hot here and lines are very long.
Weather folks are advising everyone to take bottled water with then when they go vote.  I went down the hill to a meeting near a polling place, and there wasn’t one single parking space anywhere.  I just dropped my stuff off and ran.
·       By the time the poles closed, hopes were high on both sides.  Phone calls and texts were exchanged everywhere.  By the time dinner was done here, many voters shut off the news feed and went to bed early.
·       Dawn brought disappointment and numbness.  Many are just flat out appalled.  The great center of the country is happy.  With the election of Trump, we liberals feel the end of many social programs and the arts are here.  Lots of “if onlies” are floating around.


  • Himself:  Gym at 6, then work til 5.
  • Herself:  Pool work, no news watching.
  • 52 Week House Reorganization:  Printing out the inventory lists.
  • Reading:  The Anne Morrow Lindbergh bio.

  • Gratitudes:  I get to work with books today.

    1. It will be an interesting four years.

    2. It will be a dangerous four years.

    3. We best enjoy this time we have until Jan. 20th.

    4. My general impression is that the media was pretty kind to Trump all things considered. Perhaps I am looking through my own filters.


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