November 10, 2016

The Newest Survey

A thought provoking survey from a Prosebox friend.  She wrote lovely, long spiritual answers.  I’m just writing off the top of my head.  Because of my denseness, I’m posting this on two days. 


1   1)    Do you think kids or their parents are responsible for their beliefs?
Yes, I believe we need to start kids with some sort of a structure.  I believe parents should expose kids to a wide variety of religions and philosophies.  I sent my kids to a Montessori school at St. John’s Episcopal Church for example.  I felt that they could find it useful or not as they grow older.  I still have fond memories of St. John’s from my childhood tho I now have Buddhist leanings.  My kids didn’t have the good experiences that I did.

2) What are your current plans for the future? Will you be upset if they don’t work out?
Yes, I would.  Selling this condo, buying a small, one story place, and driving into the sunset in a small motor home of some sort.  Yes, I am really looking forward to seeing this land mass in G’s company.  If something would stop this, I would be quite upset, but knowing me I would find new plans soon.
3) How do you react to absurd situations?
Laugh.  Back away from them so I don’t say the wrong thing. 
4) Do you think murderers deserve to die?
No…and why?  I don’t personally think I have the right to kill anyone.  Let’s warehouse them for their lives and go on with ours.  Then again, I was the fool who joined the Army in 1960.  Wasn’t I aware of what military folks do.
5) How much do you depend on technology?
Way too much.  I do all that I used to do on my computer now.  My handwriting is unreadable, and so I resort to my keyboard to record life, poems, and assorted essays.  Even my sewing machine is computerized as is my car.  Some small things on my truck are computerized, but mostly not.  I’m sure the controls of my stove and icebox are all computerized now too.  Cell phone, yes, but not my landline.  We have an old sixties Princess phone.  It keeps on going tho the plastic is biodegrading.  That’s me in a nutshell.

6) Is it always worthwhile to hear both sides of an argument?
I’ve had a problem with that lately.  I believe in global warming.  I cannot discuss anything like that rationally with those who don’t believe. 
7) If someone is hypocritical, do you point it out?
I too try not to.  Sometimes I can’t help myself and my mouth wins.  That always gets me in trouble.
8) Do you think it’s better to believe a lie than to live with an unpleasant truth?
No…but then again, we have a new president who alters the truth unpleasantly all the time.
9) What’s your favorite art form?
Two dimensional work.  Drawing.  Painting.  I’m always swayed by the passion in the brush movements, the colors, the emotions in the work.  I love sculpture too.  Then again, I like crafts…anything from basket making to quilting. 
10) If you could change your family, what would you change?
We have a family disease.  Generation after generation has alcoholism.  Then again, one of my grandfather’s was a believer in eugenics as was the eminent Dr. Carrel.  This side of the family is good at backing the wrong passion on occasion.
11) How heavily do you depend on others when forming opinions?
I grew up in a very conservative Republican family.  You should have heard them discussing Dewey for President.  Somewhere along the line, probably influence by the 1960’s passions, I became a left wing, commie, pinko rat.
12) If you could have one conversation before you died, who would you talk to and what would you say?
I have absolutely no idea.
13) How much potential do you think you have?
Not a lot now.  I had an amazing amount of potential once I found my meter.  All my energy and passions went into art and causes.  Once I recovered from my addictions, I again blossomed.  Now I’m winding down.  Less passion, more balance. Less work accomplished.
14) Is it wise for humans to attempt to create life?
I should care…I really should.  Most of the time I’m more focused on survival.,,just trying to climb stairs, make my feet work, raise my arms, get to the pool, get to the store…that sort of thing.  The next generation can and will worry about the ethics of this.  I’ll remind them.
15) Talk about a favourite memory:
As a child, my grandma Maudie played with me every time I visited.  We had a clay house on a board, and every visit we would add to it.  Or we would go to a park near her apartment, I would clamber around on the hill sides, or play games.  She was the only person in my life that showed me that kind of love.
16) What would you sacrifice for money?
Nothing really.  I must say that it’s really nice to have enough to have a roof over our heads.

17) If you could bring someone back from the dead, would you? If so, who would it be?
No, they are happy where they are, but there are a handful of friends I’d love to chat with.  Who?…Friends, Jo, Janie, Duck, Marion, and Dale.  Family too.

18) What do you think is the meaning of life?
I have no idea. 
19) Do you think the average person has the potential to be a hero?
Sometimes yes.  Sometimes fear gets in the way. 
20) If someone poor stole from someone rich, who would you sympathize with?
An ethical dilemma.  I cannot condone stealing….but what if it is an apple and you are very hungry.   
21) How quickly do you form opinions about other people?
Often right away.  Usually I’m right, and sometimes these new friends add wonderful things to my life.
22) Would you kill someone if they planned to kill you?
Not deliberately tho I would do almost anything to stay alive.  I’m tenacious that way.


  1. Wow, that is a heavy list!! You were brutally honest.

    1. Not really. I did a lot of editing.

  2. It's a great and thorough set of Q&As.

    I like a bunch, but these are two that caught my eye toward the end as I tend to agree with both.

    20) If someone poor stole from someone rich, who would you sympathize with?
    An ethical dilemma. I cannot condone stealing….but what if it is an apple and you are very hungry.

    21) How quickly do you form opinions about other people?
    Often right away. Usually I’m right, and sometimes these new friends add wonderful things to my life.


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